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Just so you know, no-one needs a coach - but oh my goodness the miracles that happen when you have one.

Sometimes it can feel like I should have a perfect life, be a perfect mother, have the dream, argument free, marriage - because I’m a “Life Coach”.

Me, my neighbours, and my friends will tell you - that’s not true.

I’m not perfect.
I have challenges and struggles just like everyone.

The point of coaching isn’t to become perfect - or to get to a point where you’re not challenged.

Actually if you’re working with a coach, you’re probably going to find yourself MORE challenged than any other time in your life.

Coaching supports your growth and learning. Coaching changes how you think, how you feel, how you behave, your responses, the results you get - and it absolutely changes the level you perform at.

It doesn’t make you (or me) perfect.

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The Family…


A little about me…

I’m a mother of 3 kids between the ages of 3 -9 years old, I’m married, to a guy named Richy, and he’s obsessed with golf and rugby. I’m obsessed with sustainable living, early morning runs, and coaching. We spent 7 years living in France - which is where we started our family, and we also lived in Japan for a year.
Now, we live in the sunny Bay of Plenty, in New Zealand.

Essentially I help people create success in their lives and businesses.

People who lead themselves well, create what they crave - their lives change, their relationships flourish, their health is vibrant. They bring that sparkle into the room, they’re magnetic, and they make magic happen in their lives.


Kate Apanui helps people create their own personal success, through mindset coaching, she’s a Registered Nurse, Master Equus coach™, and writer, based in New Zealand.  She gained her coaching certification with Dr Martha Beck, and her Equus Coaching™ certification with Koelle Simpson.   She also has 3 gorgeous kids, and is married to Richy.

Kate has a passion for coaching, specifically focusing on two things; 1. Stress, and helping people recognise that stress is actually the catalyst for their success, (even though it never feels like it at the time). And 2. Goals. Kate loves to help people get what they want - by supporting them to achieve their goals. As a mindset coach, Kate recognises that your brain is one of your most powerful tools, and the more you understand how your brain's working to create your stress, and and your success, the more committed you'll become to supporting it. She helps you create the healthy habits you need - that will give you the long term success you crave; From better relationships with your kids and partner, to career and business success, to supporting your on the path to better health and body wellness.