Women, Food + Business

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This isn’t some fluffy bullshit - this is your life - So stop making excuses and be Courageous.


Women, Food and Business……

What’s that about?

Let’s f-ing crush your food issues.

Let’s create the business success you crave.

In a nut shell……I love to work with women who have food issues.
I also love to work with women who have Biz goals.
You don’t have to be a woman in business with food issues to work with me…… (insert lol here)

I’m super into helping women with their food issues - because I have my own - and I get it - and I don’t want you to waste anymore time feeling like shit about yourself, or doing battle with food.

I’m also super into supporting women who have business dreams.
You woman, need to succeed and being in business is just a really cool way to play in the world - it’s a way to learn about yourself, it’s a way to express yourself, it’s a way to expand and create something amazing.
Your business isn’t who you are, but it can teach you so much about yourself.

Imagine if you actually had the business of your dreams…..
Imagine if you actually had the healthy eating and exercise habits you crave…..

The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything.……And when we have a struggle with food, or business - we see it as problem to be fixed.

You can’t fix your food issues by making yourself eat less.
You can’t fix your business by marketing strategy alone.

(Though obviously too much food is a problem, and no marketing means no business…….what’s a girl to do?)

It’s not as simple as forcing yourself to take steps.

You already know how to fix your problems.
So why are you still stuck?

Let’s catch up for a consult and explore that a little.

There are a few ways to work with me……

You have mail…

I have very little coming into my inbox, because I recently I unsubscribed from all but a few people’s newsletters (even some friends mailing lists!!)

Personally I think it’s a privilege to be added to someone’s mailing list, so I promise what I share won’t be boring, and long.

What I will do, is send through ideas, and strategies you can use - practical steps to support you in your world.

I also send through any upcoming opportunities.

I don’t share your information with anyone else - plus you can absolutely unsubscribe anytime.
Lets email.



Beyond My Wildest Expectations...

Thank-you for the last few months, thank you so much! As I said, when I signed up with you, what I thought I wanted, and what I ended up getting out of the process was beyond my wildest expectations.