I help Women Create Success in their lives,

Using their Menstrual Cycle.

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I know you're here because you're smart - and you sense there's more to your cycle than dreading your period each month.....

I work with smart women who:

  • Want to understand how their emotional (and sometimes even physical) PMS symptoms are really here to help them - so they can stop feeling like a crazy person every few weeks!
  • Want to grow and expand - so they can have closer connections with their partners and kids, enjoy motherhood more, look after themselves with genuine selfcare, and have the kind of business and career success, meaning and fullfillment they're working too hard for.
  • Want to get out of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, tired, and frustrated.
  • Want to  feel really confident in themselves throughout their cycle.
  • Have tried all the pills and potions ,and still find themselves feeling really emotional and PMS-y at different times in their cycle.
  • Feel like they're running a marathon everyday from dawn to dusk.
  • Want to really understand their cycle, and how to live in sync with the different energies each phase brings.
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My Practice

I feel so lucky!
I get to teach women how to track their menstrual cycles, what to look for in their menstrual health, and how to channel their cyclic energy and wisdom into their everyday life - so they can have more energy, more ease - less overwhelm and stress and and feel more, and more like themselves.


When you know your menstrual cycle, you know how to live

— Kate Apanui


Beyond My Wildest Expectations...

Thank-you for the last few months, thank you so much!  As I said, when I signed up with you, what I thought I wanted, and what I ended up getting out of the process was beyond my wildest expectations.