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Private Coaching  - COMING SOON

So, you've heard you should follow your heart  - "Do what makes you happy" - but there's a little voice tin your head that says;  "no fucking way / I can't do that / it's stupid / it won't work / people will laugh at me / other people are already doing that - better than I ever could / I'm not good enough yet / I'm not ready / I don't have the time / it's to expensive........"

So, this programme isn't for everyone (oddly) - but if you're looking for peace, clarity, confidence, ease, fulfilment and success - we need to talk.

.....Only a few of you will be brave enough to pick this option!

Private Coaching - COMING SOON

For anyone who wants to know how to deal with, and learn from, the people in your life who piss you off - so you don't have to feel that way anymore.

It could be your kid, your husband - and that thing they do!  Your in-laws, or just another school mum - but you find yourself thinking "Seriously WTF?"...bristling, and just trying to not-go-crazy, when you're with them.

If you're sick of feeling pissed off, irritated, frustrated, or  like you're locked into some kind of weird power struggle  - call me.


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1:1 Coaching - you pick the mood

I'm riding along side you - shotgun - but you're driving......This is for those of you who want to do some coaching - but you don't want to do the current programmes (No F**ing Way,  Seriously WTF, Heart of Birth),  I've got running.  No problem.

You can hire me to coach you for a one off - OR you can book a few sessions in a row to move you through something.

This is a great way to coach, because you set the pace, and theme of the session - you're driving - you tell me what you want, and I whip out my tools to help you get there.

β€œTHANK YOU!  For the last few months - thank you so much!  What I thought I wanted, and what I ended up getting out of the process was beyond my wildest expectations!"


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