I help busy women live well - and get what they want

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Hey, I’m Kate,
I work with smart, successful, and strong, heart-centred women who are doing EVERYTHING.

  • Women who know what they should do, but they just can’t seem to do it

  • Women who just can’t stop eating sugar, or drinking coffee - even though they wanna quit.

  • Women who collapse on the couch at night, with netflix and facebook / instagram at the same time.

  • Women who have got so much on their plate, it’s hard to know where to start.

  • Women who are working hard in jobs they don’t love - but are good at.

  • Women who find themselves procrastinating - and wondering why they can’t motivate themselves to do what they know they need to do

  • Women who have big dreams and visions for their careers and family

  • Women who are struggling to find time to do the things they want to do.

  • Women who are trying hard not to lose their shit.

  • Women who notice they feel anxious for no real reason - or a million reasons.

  • Women who are trying to keep their intimate relationships alive - but they’re so tired.

  • Women who feel like they’re running a marathon everyday.

  • Women who can’t remember all the details and dates - so they write everything down in a calendar - that alarms at least a few times a day.

I know it might seem impossible - like there’s nothing you can really do - but that’s where I come in - I’m here to give you the tools, and support you need, to help you restore your energy, your dreams, your hope, your strength, your creativity, your confidence, your integrity, your schedule……and help you create what it is you really do want.

I’m here to help you with the HOW……..because lets face it - if you knew how to change things, how to get what you want - you would have already done it!

I believe we only get one life, one shot at living it really well, and it seems such a shame to rush through everything, or to not go after the things we really want.

So let me ask you this…..

What do you really want - and what would you really like to change?

What would make this life of yours better……

Do you want LESS STRESS and MORE FUN?
Or maybe you just want to fee LESS OVER WHELMED, LESS WORRIED, LESS GUILTY

…..How would you like it to be?

Coaching is a highly effective approach, that I can’t wait for you to try.

There are a few ways to work with me……so come and check them out!

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Retreats + Circles + Private groups»

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Tell me about you…

Q + A for you….

What do you do for fun?
What’s are your goals?
What are you not telling the truth about?
What makes you feel sad or ashamed or angry?
What would you like to change?
What kind of woman would you like to be?


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Beyond My Wildest Expectations...

Thank-you for the last few months, thank you so much! As I said, when I signed up with you, what I thought I wanted, and what I ended up getting out of the process was beyond my wildest expectations.

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