We'll meet as a group in retreat space, 12 times over the year - according to the moon phases. 

12 single payments of $79 over the year.



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Welcome, Woman

To a year-long program, facilitated by Kate Apanui + Angelena Davies.


Experience what it really means to be a woman. Learn how your menstrual cycle, the moon, and the seasons, are all pathways, showing you how to find connection, ease, wisdom - and a way of living that brings more beauty and richness to your life .

  • Do you feel like no matter how early you get up, you still don't have time to get everything done
  • Do you wish your family / spouse, appreciated you more?
  • Are you, working, working, working, kids, kids, kids, housework, housework, housework - Repeat
  • Do you have pretty high expectations of yourself, your body, your kids, your career, your spouse?
  • Is your inner voice whispering ideas and dreams - but you doubt yourself, feel stuck - or like it's just not quite the right time ?
  • Have you been ignoring your menstrual cycle? Maybe feeling annoyed by it, medicating it, suffering with PMS or other feminine issues, or just think the whole thing's a bit gross / embarrassing / pointless?
  • Do you want to live in a way that is more on purpose, has more meaning, and is overall more magical?
  • Do you want to be a better role model for your daughter - or other women in your life?

It's important that we do this.
Even though I KNOW you've got a million other things to do.

I'm inviting you to remember a different way - that's not a life hack

This is a holy shift in thinking, being, and living.
I'm inviting you to take one day a month to reconnect - check in with your heart, and re-align your thinking, your intentions, and your actions - balance yourself with your menstrual cycle, the moon and the seasons - so your life takes the shape of your hearts desires.

Join us for a monthly retreat. 
Twelve Moons, is a journey into your true nature, the deep and powerful rhythms of your body and the natural world.  Come and discover how your menstrual cycle, the moon, the seasons and all the aspects of your life, are actually supporting you, raising you, and offering you sacred path of wisdom, flow, energy and strength.  Learn how to trust yourself and your body's wisdom.  Begin to notice the partnership between you and nature - nurturing and supporting you as you move through life.


  • A deep understanding, and experience of the connection, and power, of your menstrual cycle and the role it plays in your life.
  • A new way to move through time, with more energy, vitality, patience, and radiance
  • Ways to communicate with more ease and less stress
  • Rituals you love, that make your experience of life more special and beautiful
  • An understanding of how to connect to nature - to receive guidance and support
  • A softness - no more need to control everything, rush, stress, and "white knuckle it"
  • A deep awareness of how to live like a woman.

DATES 2018

This program is a year-long commitment with 12 retreat days. 

So, to make life more simple - We've decided to make as many of the retreat days as possible on a MONDAY......see the new dates opposite.

February - Thursday 15th

March - Monday 5th
March - Monday 26th
April - Monday 30th
May - Monday 28th

June - Monday 25th
July - Monday 30th
August - Monday 27th

September -  Monday 24th
October - Tuesday 23rd
November - Monday 26th

December - Saturday 8th

Labour weekend and Easter weekend throw us for a bit of a loop - but other than that, Mondays......
We've tried to be as close to the Full Moon as possible - while sticking to Mondays!

NB: The first and final retreat days are based around the Newmoon dates.



Each retreat day will run from 10am -2pm


Twelve monthly payments of $79.00


If you've signed up for Twelve Moons (Yeaaa!) - You'll have the option of buying 1:1 Coaching sessions with Kate, at a reduced rate.  These are available exclusively to women enrolled in the Twelve Moons programme, in packages of 6 - to use as you need them throughout the year - for the year of 2018.



The programme is only open to 6 lovely ladies.

Of course you may miss a session or retreat for any reason - but you won't be reimbursed for that month.

You may book your private 60 minute coaching sessions with Kate at anytime during the year of 2018 - according to her schedule.

Retreats will be held in a private home at Omanu Beach, Mt Mauganui...... you'll receive an email with the address, once you've registered for the retreat. 

We'll also have a private FB group for us to connect on between dates - though participation here is not essential.  


    Q. Can I be part of this group if I've got a marina and I don't get my period?
    A. Yes, this programme is about more than just menstrual cycles, and there are other ways you can tap into the cycles of nature, that are supportive of your life.

    Q. Will the programme still be relevant to me if I don't get my period or have a very irregular cycle? (eg I've had a baby, I'm breastfeeding, I'm on hormonal birth control, I have PCOS, or endometriosis, I've got a hormonal disorder....) 
    A. Yes, as we'll be looking not only at how to sync up with your menstrual cycle, but how to sync up to the rythms of nature; the seasons, the moon and the stars.  If you don't have a cycle or a regular cycle, we'll discuss how you can be supported by nature in other ways - that are equally as powerful.

    Q. What if I can't make a retreat day?
    A. If you can't get to the day, I will send you through the material we covered,  and we can discuss anything you missed on your 1:1 coaching call.  You will be required to make the monthly payment.

    Q. Do I have to sign up for the year?
    A. Yes, this is a group that will shift, grow and support each other throughout the course of a year, you'll be surprised at the rich and beautiful power the circle of women can have on your life.

    Q. How much do I have to share or say with other woman about myself - I'm shy or don't feel that comfortable to share somethings.
    A. How much you share is totally up to you - there won't be any pressure, only invitations. However often when women come together like this, and someone shares something personal - the lessons, perspectives, and shifts that arise from that, not only benefit the woman who has shared, but her sharing often supports others in the group, in their own journey.

    Q. Why is the course 11 months long - and there are 12 retreat days?
    A. There are actually 13 Full Moons in the year,  and we'll miss the first Full Moon in January.
    So we'll be meeting for 10 Full Moons and 2 New Moons.

    If you're feeling unsure and you want to talk it over, you can be in touch at anytime.
    E. truenatureme@gmail.com