Products I Love and Recommend

I don't sell any of my own products, nor do I sell anyone else's.

HOWEVER, I do get asked all the time about what I use, what I love, and what I recommend - so I thought I'd put together a page - Think of it as sharing secrets with a girlfriend.

Some links on the page are affiliate links - which means if you use the link I provide, I earn a small percent.  That being said - I'd recommend these products whether or not I was affiliated.

Note: These products won't suit everyone - so take a good look before you buy.


 Thinx - Period Underwear

Thinx underwear is off the hook amazing.  I don't use them for all the days of my bleed (I use a mooncup on days I don't wear thinx), but I do use them about 50% of the time.  
AMAZING.  They're NOTHING like wearing a pad.
Originally I bought them to trial in case my daughter wanted to have other options when she gets her period - but honestly, I feel like every woman should own at least one pair.  
To get $10 off your first order - use this link


Spiral Spectrum - Calendar

I've totally fallen for this Calendar!
It's the mother of all calendars - I LOVE it.  There are days of the week, astrology signs, planets, moons, seasons, retrogrades, meteor showers, solstice and equinox....It'll literally change your life and the way you think about cycles and time.   AND she's made it not only for the northern hemisphere, but also for us down here in southern hemisphere! AMAZING. 


MOONCUP - Menstrual product

The first time I heard about a MoonCup I thought they sounded gross, but then my little sister started using one - and I thought "If she's doing it - I want one too!"  I've never looked back.  Not gross, way more comfortable than tampons, and super easy to use - LOVE it.

HIGHLY reccomend!


Jade Egg - Your new best-friend!

The Jade Egg was a game changer for me.  After my 3rd child and a small bladder prolapse, I was struggling to run, laugh or jump on the tramp without wetting my pants.......Then I discovered not only the Jade egg, but also Tara O.  Her gorgeous eggs, and guiding support have been invaluable to me in all areas of my life - helping me regain bladder control has only ben part of the process, she's supported me in so many other ways too.  SO, I suggest you run, don't walk, over to Tara O's site and suss her and her eggs out!