I help busy women, find ways to create a life - without stress, overwhelm, guilt or anxiety.

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Hey, I’m Kate,
I work with smart, successful and strong, heart-centred women who are doing EVERYTHING.

Women who are working hard at work - and harder at home.
Women who just can’t stop eating sugar, or drinking coffee - even though they want to.
Women who get up at 5.30 to go for a run, go to the gym - or go to work.
Women who make their kids lunches - knowing they probably won’t even be eaten.
Women who are working hard in jobs they don’t love - but are good at.
Women who are supporting their husbands careers and dreams.
Women who have big dreams and visions for their careers and family
Women who are struggling to find time to do the things they want to do.
Women who are trying hard not to lose their shit.
Women who can’t remember all the details and dates - so they write everything down in a calendar - that alarms at least a few times a day.
Women who are annoyed, and frustrated but they’re bitting their tongue
Women who know what they should do, but they just can’t seem to do it
Women who collapse on the couch at night, with netflix and facebook / instagram at the same time.
Women who are trying to keep their intimate relationships alive - but they’re so tired.
Women who feel like they’re running a marathon everyday.

I know it might seem impossible - like there’s nothing you can really do - but that’s where I come in - I’m here to give you the tools, and support you need, to help you restore your energy, your dreams, your hope, your strength, your creativity, your confidence, your integrity, your schedule……..your balance.

I’m here to help you with the HOW……..because lets face it - if you knew how to change things - you would have already done it!

No matter what you’d like to change -
I can help you change it.

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My Practice

I feel so lucky!
I get to teach women how to track their menstrual cycles, what to look for in their menstrual health, and how to channel their cyclic energy and wisdom into their everyday life - so they can have more energy, more ease - less overwhelm and stress and and feel more, and more like themselves.


When you know your menstrual cycle, you know how to live

— Kate Apanui


Beyond My Wildest Expectations...

Thank-you for the last few months, thank you so much! As I said, when I signed up with you, what I thought I wanted, and what I ended up getting out of the process was beyond my wildest expectations.