Women, Food + Life

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This isn’t some fluffy bullshit - this is your life - So stop making excuses and be Courageous.


Women + Food

Ummm where should I sart……?

Let’s star with; Wanting to lose weight - but not being able to do it.
God that sucks.

Not being able to lose weight, feeling overweight - that’s a crappy place to be, because it leads us to thinking, and feeling, less than.
And when we as women, feel less than, we don’t treat ourselves well, we don’t do all the things we want to do, we don’t show up the way we want to show up - we become less than ourselves.

  • Doubtful

  • Insecure

  • Irritable

  • Guilty

  • Ashamed

And how we feel about ourselves - can affect every other aspect of our lives…..

  • Our marriages

  • Our kids + our parenting

  • Our self-esteem

  • Our Friendships

  • Our happiness

  • Our success

  • Our careers

  • Our bodies + Health

  • Our sex life

  • Our level of stress…….

Weightloss is not superficial, frivolous, indulgent or so self-absorbed.

In fact the truth is - when we don’t give ourselves the gift of losing the weight we want to lose - we are often superficial, frivolous, over -indulgent and self absorbed!

You are capable of so much more than losing weight - but losing weight can be your own personal pathway to success.

I’m passionate about helping women with their food issues - because I have my own - and I get it - and I don’t want you to waste anymore time feeling like shit about yourself, or doing battle with food.

Honestly - once you work this stuff out - you’ll be unstoppable.

Personally I don’t care how much you weigh, or how much you lose - what I care about is you, how you feel, and your ability to show up in this life time, as the woman you dream of being.

To fucking own your life.

To lose the weight you want to lose, and move on.

You can’t fix your food issues by forcing yourself eat less.
If it was that easy you would have done it already.

And I know you know; eat less + do more = weight loss
And I know, for some of us, it’s just not as simple as that.

As Geneen Roth says; “If you force ,and deprive, and shame yourself into being thin, you end up a deprived, shamed, fearful person.”

I want more for you than weight loss - but weight loss is an excellent start.

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Beyond My Wildest Expectations...

Thank-you for the last few months, thank you so much! As I said, when I signed up with you, what I thought I wanted, and what I ended up getting out of the process was beyond my wildest expectations.