Image Credit @edvinaarts

Image Credit @edvinaarts


I know what it's like, it can seem overwhelming, confusing, BORING, and pointless to try and understand your cycle - so I've made it easy.....

Here you can find some amazing free resources I've put together, to support you on your feminine path.  This space will grow over time, so please keep checking back here if you want the latest and greatest!

Simplified Cycle, an 11 page book that makes this stuff easy! 


Your menstrual cycle is influenced by so many different things......but sometimes it helps to have a good idea of what on earth is going on in your body, before you start to play with everything else. 

The simplified cycle is not like sitting in a science class!

This is the woman's cycle simplified - because lets face it, our bodies are going through these changes every day, every month - often without our awareness  and it can be life changing to understand your cycle! 

Literally your life will begin to change the more you start to pay attention to what's happening "down there"!

Roz + Kate discussing the simplified version of HOW coffee and alcohol are affecting your hormones - and when to avoid!

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Roz MacIntosh is a good friend of mine, she's also a Health Coach, and Registered Nurse - anyway about a year ago she casually dropped it into conversation that coffee and alcohol aren't always bad, but at different times of a woman's cycle they can be a bit problematic.....I was riveted - like WHEN? When should I avoid these things....and WHY?
This conversation was life changing for me - and I really wanted you guys to hear what Roz has to say too - so we talked again and recorded it, just for you!