Are you daring greatly in your life…...?

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Imagine what it would look like, if you took a picture of you, in your life right now - just as you might take a selfie before you start a new diet or exercise regime.

What do you notice about yourself, your behaviour, your habits, your relationships, your career, your dreams, your body, your energy, the way you’re living……..

If you imagined a future image, or selfie, what would you like to see in that image? How would you be different?

Most of us know WHAT we want.
We know WHERE we want to be.
We know WHO we want to be.

The problem is - we just can’t work out, how to get from where we are now……………… where we want to be.
Or we fall off the bandwagon.
Or we know the steps, but doing them feels impossible.
Or we feel embarrassed.
Or we don’t want to fail.
Or we feel stuck.
Or we just don’t know where to start.

When someone comes to me and tells me what they want - I help them get it.

A coaching session is the HOW-TO of creating change.

So what’s my solution?

I work with people’s brains.
I give you tools and practices to work with on the daily, tools and practices that will take you where you want to go, and last you a life time.

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What do you want?

If you thought you could have what you secretly (or not so secretly) wanted - would you go for it?

If you immediately found yourself feeling disheartened that what you want might not be possible - that’s a sure sign you need a brain work out!

If you found yourself feeling a twinge of excitement - that’s a great jumping off point!

Working with me is an opportunity to experience your own transformation, to experience your own greatness.

So, how would you dare to be great?

What am I bringing to the table?

We all KNOW that everything starts with the brain.
We all KNOW that to create change, we have to change the way we think.

Knowing this, and then knowing what do with that information, are two different things!

I help people create change, starting with their brains.

This isn’t soft fluffy bullshit - this is your life - and your life is created by the way you think.

So let’s get started.

I'm a Registered NZ Nurse, an Internationally Certified Life Coach through the Martha Beck School of Life Coaching, and Certified Master Equus Coach™. I'm currently studying Natural Fertility with the World Organisation of Ovulation Method Billings (WOOMB). I've coached hundreds of women + men, hosted calls, workshops, seminars and retreats, in New Zealand, and all over the world.  I've collaborated with coaches, writers, and all kinds of health professionals + I have a passion for women’s health and wellness.

What could working with me, do for you……?

Spoiler alert……You might just get what you want.

  • You’ll become the woman you’ve always wanted to be

  • You’ll stop feeling small

  • You’ll stop procrastinating on your life

  • You’ll follow through

  • You’ll have your own secret source of life force energy to draw on - you’ll glow

  • Your relationships will become deeper, richer, healthier and better

  • Your life will nourish your soul

  • Anything you want - will be possible

Who do I work with?

When I begin working with new clients, I do things a little different.
I set up a meeting with you for about 60-90 minutes - usually via zoom or by phone,  and I coach you.  For Free.
And then - You decide what happens next…….

  • If you’re someone who feels excited about our conversation and wants to take it to the next level - then we can discuss what it would look like for you to be a client.

  • If you meet with me, and you don’t like how our conversation goes - there’s no obligation at all.   

  • If you don’t feel ready to dive into coaching for any reason at all - again there’s no pressure to take the next step with me.  

And if you only ever have one conversation in your life with me - that’s honestly ok.

What’s next?

Do you have questions? 
Are you interested in knowing what coaching together would be like?
Would you like to ask about the possibility of setting up an appointment?

Email me:

Or - fill out this form, and tell me the answer to these questions…….

  1. How did you find me?

  2. Who referred you?

  3. Where in the world do you live?

  4. What would you like to see change in your life?

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