Are you daring greatly in your life…...?

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If you want to lose weight you can…..
The only thing stopping you is you.
Isn’t that so annoying + so empowering at the same time?

I know, you want to lose weight. 
I know, you know, WHO you are, is WAY more than a woman who wants to lose weight.

I KNOW You have a fucking life to live, big dreams and lots of other important stuff you want to do!
I also know - that feeling overweight, can be all consuming, super frustrating, and really upsetting…….

Not being able to lose weight, can keep you stuck in so many areas of your life…...

You can unconsciously hold yourself back from things like….

  • A career opportunity

  • Starting your own business - or making mad money in the business you already have

  • Following your passions and dreams

  • Friendships - not inviting certain people over / not approaching other women / not feeling part of things…..?

  • Voicing your thoughts and opinions

  • More intimacy with your partner, (or any intimacy with your partner?)

  • You might avoid wearing certain types of clothing, because the clothes, or you, aren’t comfortable

  • Exercising isn’t your friend

  • You may feel ashamed, guilty, stupid, not as good as…….

We all know that what we look like on the outside doesn’t define who we are as women.
Logically we agree, and nod our heads. Amen sister.

But we keep staying stuck, feeling overweight, and hating it.

So let’s empower you.

Losing weight can be one of the most empowering things you ever do for yourself.

And while food and exercise will 100% be part of your journey - if it was as simple as do more + eat less = weightloss,
you would have figured it out already. You’re a smart cookie

  • A coaching session with me is NOT…
    meal planning, counting calories, restriction, or keto / paleo / LCHF / sugarfree…….
    It’s not cheerleading, encouraging or motivation.

  • Coaching with me is rewiring your brain, so you think and feel differently when it comes to food.

I work with people’s brains.
I give you tools and practices to work with on the daily.
Tools and practices that will help you not only lose weight, but become more YOU .

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What do you want?

Do you want to feel strong, beautiful, happy, energised, successful, proud…..

If you knew you could lose weight, and stop fighting with yourself over your food and body - would you go for it?

Working with me is an opportunity to experience your own transformation, to experience your own greatness, to empower yourself.

What am I bringing to the table?

I help women change the way they think, feel and act - and therefore the results they get in their life.

The current results you have in your life (your weight), tells us what you’re thinking.

So if you want to change the results you have - if you want to lose weight - you gotta change your brain first.

Let’s roll…..

I'm a Registered NZ Nurse, an Internationally Certified Life Coach through the Martha Beck School of Life Coaching, and Certified Master Equus Coach™. I've coached hundreds of women, hosted calls, workshops, seminars and retreats, in New Zealand, and all over the world.  I've collaborated with coaches, writers, and all kinds of health professionals + I have a passion for coaching women to reach their own greatness, starting with weightloss.

What could working with me, do for you……?

Spoiler alert……You might just get what you want.

  • You’ll become the kind of woman you’ve always wanted to be

  • You’ll stop feeling small and stuck and frustrated

  • You’ll stop procrastinating on your life

  • You’ll follow through - FINALLY

  • You’ll have a boat-load of energy

  • Your relationships will startle you with their gorgeousness

  • You’ll do all those things you don’t have time for at the moment

  • You’ll feel amaze-a-balls

  • You might just lose weight

Who do I work with?

Women hire me, because they want things to change - they want to bridge the gap from where they are - to where they’d like to be.
They’re tired of fighting this fight.

They want to lose weight, and feel comfortable with food, and stop feeling so crappy all the time when it comes to this area of their life!

I love to help people get what they want.
Women deserve so much more than weight loss - but weightoss is such an amazing gateway to everything else.

So where do we start?

You email me.

You call me or text me.

You say: “Hey Kate, I was looking at your website, and I could be interested in working with you. Can we set up some time to talk?”

I say: “Yes! I’d love to hear more about you, and what’s going on……I meet with clients on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s between 9.30am - 2pm, lets set a date to talk, for about 30 minutes, and during that time we’ll talk about what you need, why you’re thinking of hiring me - what I can most help with, and if there’s time, I’ll coach you on whatever comes up - so you get a chance to experience what it’s like to be coached by me - how does that sound?”

You say: “Awesome! Can I book in for next week?”

I say: “Yeah - I’ll send you an invitation to talk via zoom, so we can see each other while we talk - or we can just talk on the phone, whatever suits you best. I’m so looking forward to catching up!”


Don’t be scared. Pick up the phone. Write the email. Send the text.

Your life is waiting for you to show up.

What does it look like to hire me as your coach?

  • My clients hire me for a minimum of 6 months (This is not a quick fix, or a 5weeks to lose 5kg, kind of situation!)

  • We meet once a week, via zoom or phone for a 60 minute coaching call (that’s a total of 12 coaching sessions over 6 months)

  • We email and text between sessions, for feed back, questions, ACCOUNTABILITY and support.

  • If you live locally, we can meet at different times during our 6 months, for in person sessions and experiences that will support and facilitate your learning and growth

  • P.S. There are no diets or meal plans - no restrictions or recommendations related to food……how much you weigh, depends on how you think, what you believe, the stories you tell yourself, how you feel, the way you listen to your body, and the choices you make.


One-to-One Coaching

  • You’ll pay $250 per month - total $1,500
    If you decide you want to pay the full amount upfront - you’ll receive a 10% discount off the total price.

Sign-up-with- a-friend Coaching

  • I also offer the option that you can share your 6month coaching experience with a friend - and share the costs.
    You both come to the same call, (60minute call), and you both get coached on whatever your specific issues are - you’ll be supporting each others learning and growth - honestly I’d choose this option - because you learn so much just by watching and listening to someone else experience -And it’s way more affordable.

    This option means…..
    1st Person pays Total $999
    2nd Person Pays Total $999

Group coaching

Creating change as a group of women, will get you where you want to go faster than anything else.
When we all jump in and say; “lets fucking do this”, guess what happens……?
Shit gets done.
PTA fundraising anyone?
We don’t even like going to those meetings - but watch us whip up a quiz night, and make money like nobody’s business.
Imagine what you can do with a group of women, who have fun, strong desire, and are serious about their cause!

I run these groups twice a year. We work together for 6months. You can find more details here….

What’s next?

You know this one.
The technology’s there - USE IT.

Email me:
Call or text: 021.502.104

Or - fill out this form, and tell me smart cookie - are you ready to roll?

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