What do you want?

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Let me ask you……

Is there a gap between where you are - and where you’d like to be?

What area of your life isn’t going the way you want it to?
Do you know why?
What do you need to do, to change it?

When women step up and honour themselves, their worlds change.
Change always requires something different, than what you’re currently doing.
A different way of thinking, feeling, taking action, creating, speaking, connecting, loving, sharing, moving, being……

It requires you to be committed and connected to your true nature.

When you commit to yourself, you’ll become the woman you already suspect yourself to be.

Sometimes it can be uncomfortable to admit you want things to change. Change requires more from us - which isn’t always easy.

But let’s be honest - how amazing would it be if things changed?
Imagine how much freedom you’d feel if your business was the way you wanted to to be. If you could really feel comfortable and at peace with your body. If your intimate relationship was fun and thriving. If you could be really present, and actually enjoy motherhood.

Take a moment and Imagine, what your life would be like, if you could make it different?
What do you really want?
Who do you really want to be?

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Why would you work with me?

What got you here - won’t get you there.

We’re all challenged in different ways so we can expand - but often we keep trying the same old thing in a different out-fit, to create change.

Working with me is an opportunity to re-wire your brain, to sync with your natural rhythm, to embody your true nature, to create new ways of thinking, feeling and acting - that’ll help you reach your dreams - no matter what your dreams are.

Working with me is an opportunity to become the woman you were born to be - and get what you want.

What am I bringing to the table?

I'm a Registered NZ Nurse, an Internationally Certified Life Coach, Certified Master Equus Coach™, and I'm currently studying Natural Fertility with the World Organisation of Ovulation Method Billings (WOOMB). I've coached hundreds of women, hosted calls, workshops, seminars and retreats, in New Zealand, and all over the world.  I've collaborated with coaches, writers, and all kinds of health professionals - and I have a passion for women’s wellness + success.

  • I’ll help you see what you can’t see

  • You’ll have insights and break-throughs like you’ve never had before

  • I’ll help you work out the “HOW-TO” part, of what you’re challenged with

  • You’ll change your life + you’ll feel and see immediate results (if you put in the work).

What could working with me, do for you……?

  • We'll identify your dreams, vision + goals - and also the obstacles you currently face stopping you from getting what you want. I'll give you the tools + practices to shift those things, and create a road map - so your dream becomes something that actually happens.

  • I'll help you create a mindset that changes the game. We’ll unravel stuck thought patterns, behavioural patterns and the habits that have got you to where you are, but are no longer serving you.

  • I'll help you work out why you're not taking action - and give you the tools you need to change that.

  • We’ll uncover why the actions you are taking aren’t working as well as you’d like them to be.

  • We’ll create more pleasure, fun, and wellness in your day to day life.

  • We’ll look at what’s draining your energy, so you can let those things go - and start building that energy back up.

  • We’ll work out how to move through the difficult relationships in your life.

  • You'll deepen your connection to yourself, and remember what it's like to really trust yourself on all things.

  • The woman you were born to be will find her rhythm, and her unique way of expressing herself and creating success, that feels fulfilling, exciting and authentic.

Who do I work with?

When I begin working with new clients, I do things a little different.
I set up a meeting with you for about 2 hours - usually via zoom or by phone, and I coach you. For Free.

And then I watch.

I watch, and wait to see what you do with whatever comes out of our conversation.

  • If you’re someone who takes action - then we can talk about you becoming a client.

  • If you’re someone who feels excited about our conversation and wants to take it to the next level - then we can discuss what it would look like for you to be a client.

If you meet with me, and you don’t like how our conversation goes - there’s no obligation at all.
If you don’t feel ready to dive into coaching for any reason at all - again there’s no pressure to take the next step with me.
And if you only ever have one conversation in your life with me - that’s ok.

What’s next?

Do you have questions?
Are you interested in knowing what coaching together would be like?
Would you like to ask about the possibility of setting up a 2 hour appointment?

Email me: turenatureme@gmail.com
Or - fill out this form

And tell me the answer to these questions…….

How did you find me?
Who referred you?
Where in the world do you live?
What would you like to see change in your life?