Why I Hate Period Apps

Why I Hate Period Apps

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Let me start by saying, I have several apps on my phone for tracking my cycle.  I first started doing this about 6 years ago - though I don't remember the name of the first app I used, I basically downloaded it so when my doctor asked me "when was the first day of your last cycle" I'd know the answer!  

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I chose it because it was pink and had flowers on it.  It did everything I needed it to do. 

Also prior to my first baby I'd been on the pill for 11 years, so having a real period was quite a new experience for me - I had no idea when it would come, or where I was at, without that little packet of pills on my bedside table.

Anyway, the app I first had was basic to say the least - nothing like what's on the market now.

So why do I have a problem with what's on the market?

Period apps make it seem like you're tuning into your body - because you're tracking things like .....how much sleep you get, what mood you're in, if you have tender breasts, or cramps, or headaches, they'll ask you to track vaginal discharge, and constipation.......

But what you're actually doing is; going through a check-list. 

They can be a great jumping off point - but very quickly you'll outgrow your app, and start to notice that there just wasn't the right check-box for you to tick......

So what should you do?

I'm not suggesting you ditch your app, because personally I have 5 - and I know how helpful it can be to refer to them.....for example, if I want a ballpark date on when I might be going to start my period.

What I am suggesting is; you stop relying on your app to tell you when you're ovulating, or fertile / not fertile, or getting PMS or going to get your period - and start tuning into the signals your body's giving you.  Signals you're getting All. the. time.

Because let's be clear - there's no possible way for an app to know when you're fertile, when you'll get your period or when you'll experience PMS.  They can guess - but that's all they're doing.

There's so  much going on in your body ALLLLLLLLL the time, things are changing constantly, and the more you tune into those changes and subtlities, the more clear you'll become, the more you'll know exactly where you're at - not only in-terms of what day it is in your cycle, but you'll know how to support yourself better, and the more you'll start to trust your body.

What happens when you trust your body?

You know how to live.....

  • Your confidence goes through the roof
  • You're able to work smarter
  • You're healthier, now and in the future
  • You're a better mum
  • You're able to be more compassionate with yourself.
  • You're a better partner
  • You have more energy
  • You have less stress and anxiety
  • You'll know what decisions to make

Try this; Grab a notebook or a journal and next time you get your period, start counting the days, (day 1 is the first day of your period), and try taking note of all the ways your body is talking to you throughout your cycle, each day until your next period.  P.S. this is not a limited list!

.......Does your appetite shift?  How does your mood and energy change?  What does your body physically feel like on different days?  Do you crave different types of food on different days?  Is there a time when you notice your dreams become more vivid?  When does your sex-drive amp up, and cool off - do you have a sex-drive?  Are you more creative at different times of your cycle? Do you sleep better some nights compared to others?  Are there times when you feel anxiety or overwhelm more acutely than others? Does your skin break out?  Do your allergies get worse at different times?

Your body is the best period app ever created, and your moods are way more complex than a smiley face, or a crying cloud emoji.

But you're the only one who can log in..........You log in with your attention and curiosity.

I can't wait to hear what you notice!

Much love

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