What's a menstrual coach?

What's a menstrual coach?

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5 Years ago I couldn't even say "period" without feeling gross and uncomfortable, but now I talk about periods all day long and I LOVE it. Even though I've always had a deep interest in women's health ( think front row seats in high-school sex education classes!), it did take me a while to get here....... 

Menstrual coaching is this new thing - but honestly I kind of stumbled on it.  I didn't set out to become a menstrual coach, it just evolved out of my own experiences, lots of research and reading, more education, my desire to understand my own cycle better, and of course, my work with pregnant women.

So what is a menstrual coach?

There are a couple of different ways menstrual coaches work......

  • Some of them like to help you "fix your period"  by looking at the signs and symptoms you get each day and month - and then offering food, supplement, and exercise support, to help you move towards a better cycle and better health.  Generally this is something women would look for if they were having problematic periods or cycles.
  • Some of them like to give you more spiritual / emotional / mental support - which basically means, noticing how the energy of your cycle is here to support you, and how to move with that so that it benefits your life, in small ways, like how to sync your life to your cycle - so you're not planning that romantic get-away on your period.   I know. It sucks when that happens.  And in bigger ways, that involve a much deeper inquiry, exploration and connection to yourself.
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So, which kind of coach am I? 

I'm kind of a mix of both......you see, I'm a Registered Nurse, a Certified Life Coach, and I'm currently training in Natural Fertility, so the way I work with women is pretty unique.........

As a nurse, I want to know how your cycle is....... 

What are the ups and downs?  What does a normal period bleed look like for you? How long is a normal cycle for you?  Do you have irregular periods? Have you noticed any changes lately? What colour is your menstrual blood? What about....... Clots? PMS? Cramps? Headaches? Depression? Heavy flow, Light flow? Spotting - when? I wanna know if you're actually ovulating - and teach you how to know if you've ovulated.  I want to know if you have breast tenderness, flooding, and I might even ask you about your poo.  I'll definitely ask about your cervical mucus - and I'll probably be keen to know about your sex drive......  

All of these things - are indicators of your hormonal health - and the more you know about what your "normal" cycle is like - the more empowered you are.  Also - just because something is "normal" for you - doesn't always mean it's healthy. 

If you're period or cycle isn't great you can change it, often fairly easily with diet, lifestyle, and supplements.  And if it is great - then you'll have the opportunity to notice when changes arise - trust me, they will, not necessarily because things are going wrong, but naturally as we get older as women, we go through hormonal shifts.

But as a coach + a woman, I wanna take you a step further..........

A lot of menstrual coaches will look to your period blood, and physical cycle symptoms, to determine the quality of your hormonal health (Lara Briden calls it your monthly Report Card). This is super important, and absolutely something we'll do.

But I also really like to pay attention to the quality of each phase of your cycle - what's going on in your life, your energy, your moods and your thoughts - because this can be considered the report card for your life. 

  • I like to notice if you have time to rest on your period - and if not take a look at what's stopping you. 
  • I want to bring your awareness to your pre-ovulatory phase, and the energy that's there, is it inspiring you and calling you towards something - if not why not - and how you can start to bring more of whatever you're being called towards into your life. 
  • I definitely want to talk about ovulation - giving you a chance to reflect on your dreams, visions, intentions, desires and goals, we'll talk about how you can use the energy of your cycle to take steps towards what's important to you and make changes in your life.
  • Obviously,  I like to pay attention to what's coming up for you in your luteal phase - think PMS - I like to know what's making you feel sad, angry, upset, hurt, taken for granted.......because this stuff is super important and relevant information.  This is the emotional report card you get every month that tells you if you're doing a good job of being you - it'll reveal what really needs your attention, and whats asking for transformation.
Having a menstrual coach will help live like a woman.

You'll learn how to move with the energy of each day and each phase.  You'll learn the nuances of tracking your cycle - and even start to enjoy doing this  - I know you can't be bothered to start off with, but as you begin to do it, it becomes second nature - you can't unknow it...  You'll learn how to plan your calendar.  You'll start to gain insights into what's not working and why it's not working.   You'll learn how to let go.  You'll learn how powerful you are and how to use your creative energy and life force to bring the things you want towards you.  You'll remember things you thought you'd forgotten.  You'll start to shift, and so will your relationships.  You'll find you're more confident and naturally feel stronger.  You'll find you can move with grace and compassion, and also complete irreverence. Self care will become non-negotiable. You'll find the sweet spot of vulnerability......You'll really understand what it means to be moved.

Honestly this is an endless list.

If you want to get started today - here are a few things you can do....... 

  1. Track your cycle, and jot down any signs or symptoms you notice.
  2. Each day take a moment to notice the energy + emotion of the day - write it down.
  3. Start to notice what your body feels like doing each day - do you allow yourself to follow it's intuition?
  4. Bring your awareness to how you move through your cycle - do you pack in as much as you can each day, or is there a rhythm to your day, your to-do, your life?
  5. Notice how you interact differently with people at different phases of your cycle.
  6. Look at your menstrual blood.
  7. Look at the discharge in your underwear - it's called cervical mucus, or cervical fluid.  There's nothing wrong with you, we all have discharge in our underwear and it changes most days - or at least follows a pattern
  8. Look for the ways you're being called home

I know many of you won't do these things......so if you want someone to walk you through it all -  I'll be opening up spaces to work with me on a 1:1 basis in July - if you're keen to know more, or sign up - you can email me: truenatureme@gmail.com 

Here's to healthy hormones and Inspired women!

Lots of love

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