What is the Billings Method?

What is the Billings Method?

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You might have heard rumours.............The rumours that people who use The Billings Method™ are all religious - or catholic.

Not true.

You may have heard that people who use, or teach The Billings Method™ are all prudish, and wear brown cardies.

Also, not true.

You've probably heard - "We tried The Billings Method™ - it didn't work - that's how we got pregnant with Maddison"

I'd love to talk with those people and hear the details - 'cause it's pretty damn effective when followed correctly.

So what is The Billings Ovulation Method™?

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The Billings Ovulation Method™ is a way of tracking your menstrual cycle, and your phases of fertility, by looking at your cervical fluid, and noticing the sensation you feel at your vulva, daily.  It's a way of determining if you're potentially fertile or not, on a day-to-day basis.  Once you know what your particular signs and patterns are (because you can see them and you start to know what to look for and what's normal for you), you'll be able to use this knowledge to choose when it's safe to have sex - and avoid pregnancy.......or when you can go for gold and pregnancy 'cause you wanna get pregnant!

Got it?

Basically you're tracking your unique cervical fluid patterns, and vulva sensation (no need to go digging around in your underwear or feeling inside your vagina) - so you can tell if you're fertile or not - and then you can decide if you want to have sex during that time or not.

What is The Billings Ovulation Method™ used for?

  • Recognise fertiltiy
  • Achieve pregnancy
  • Avoid pregnancy
  • Monitor your reproductive health

So why does The Billings Ovulation Method™ have such a bad rep?

Well it's mostly for people wearing brown cardies. 
But seriously - here's why.............PEOPLE ARE CONFUSED.

They're confused about what The Billings is, AND how to use it

Even some health professionals are confused - like doctors - you know, the people who we think know everything.
But that's ok, because it's actually pretty simple - and you don't have to be a doctor, or even educated, to learn it.

Heres' what the Billings is not.....

  • It's NOT the Rhythm Method. (Don't use this - it's not gonna work)
  • Other people confuse it with an alga-rhythm method - again this is basically the rhythm method - where a woman uses past cycle lengths, and a mathematical formula to PREDICT future fertile phases.  Bad plan lady.
  • It's NOT a period tracker app. 
  • It's NOT preying "Dear God make me not pregnant"
  • It's NOT using Cycle Beads
  • It's NOT the Fertility Awareness Method, or FAM, (though in my book this is a close second) or The Thermo-Sympto-Method.
  • It's definitely NOT The Two Day Method

The Billings Ovulation Method™ does NOT predict when you will be fertile - it tells you when you ARE potentially fertile - on a day to day basis - and when you're not.

The Billings Ovulation Method has been extensively studied on 1000's of women, all over the world, measuring their levels of hormones, and documenting their cycles, and tracking it's effectiveness - it's incredibly accurate, and scientifically confirmed, and very well documented.

How Effective is The Billings Ovulation Method™?  'Cause that's what we all wanna know!

When it's taught correctly, and when the couple completely understand the method, and when they follow the rules - it is 98% - 99% effective!

Thats more effective than the pill, the copper IUD, condoms, diaprhagms, depo....... Don't even get me started!

Got it?

Got questions?

Ask away - either here in the the comments - or you can find me on Facebook here - instagram here - or of course you can always email me at truenatureme@gmail.com - I know I'm working on getting a real email address - but you know this one works and it's not high on my priority list to fix something that's not broken!

You stay classy San Diego!

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