Welcome Woman, into 2018.

Welcome Woman, into 2018.


How have you welcomed in the new year? 
 I notice there are so many ways to live, so many ways to celebrate, and so many ways to move into a new year - and theres a lot of pressure or noise about how to SLAY this year......

Some of us set goals, some vision board, others vibration board, some people pray rain, while others of us look to astrology, buy planners, talk to god, or plan the year out in quarters.  

Personally I dabble in a bit of everything.

And as a life coach - I'm always swimming in a sea of self-help gurus, 6 weeks-to-six-figures, and old ideas turned new - personally I can feel overwhelmed by all the possibility, and people promising to make my life better in some way. 

I really don't want to overwhelm you.

So, I'm simply going to tell you a few things that I'll be doing this year, and if you feel inspired to join me, that'll be really exciting!

One-to-One Coaching

A lot of people ask me;
"Can I refer my friend to you - are you taking more clients?"
"Do you work with women who aren't pregnant"  

The answer to all of those questions is YES.
I'm Currently accepting new clients - I only work with 6 women at a time, and places go fast - but if, you, or someone you know is interested - here's the link to check out private coaching with me.


Twelve Moons - Join me for a year of living in sync, with yourself, your cycle the seasons and the moon.

As you probably know - there are actually 13 full moons in a year - we'll only be meeting for 12 of them. 
This is a special kind of programme, created to be lived over the course of a year, through all the seasons, and (almost all) the moons.  We'll meet in circle, approximately once a month on the day of the fullmoon - each moon will bring it's own essence, and each retreat day will be guided by different feminine principles......there are only 6 spots and the first retreat day is THURSDAY FEBRUARY 15th Register now if you're interested.......PLUS you'll have the added bonus of being able to work with me in a 1:1 session each month - as part of the programme!  This is a pretty unique opportunity!  


Heart of Birth
One-to-One Coaching for Pregnant Women

This is my oldest running coaching programme, it's been put through it's paces in all kinds of ways - and the results are always gorgeous.  This isn't about having the perfect birth, or even having a natural vaginal birth, this is about supporting women as they move through pregnancy and into motherhood - giving them tools they may not otherwise come across.  It's the chance for women to really check in with themselves, be with themselves, heal past birth experiences, and re-birth themselves as mothers - whether its for the first time or the fifth time.  


Webinars, Facebook Live, Speaking, and other Events

If you're keen to get some free information - I'll be hosting regular webinars + Facebook lives, so you can get the most out of our time together, I'll also be doing some speaking events - specifically for pregnant women (dates to be confirmed). 
And watch this space for the opportunity to work with me in Blessingways - Blessing the way for pregnant women and their transition into motherhood, and girls also blessing the way for girls who are moving into womanhood and starting menstruation.



So there you have it - the basics of my life and work, as we move ourselves into this new time and space of 2018.
I'd love it if our paths crossed, and I look forward to seeing you dream, create, connect, and shine as a bright woman - inspiring us all to step into the power and wisdom of ourselves.

I wish you many blessings, plenty of joy, and heart open to receiving all the richness and beauty you deserve.
All my love


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There's a better way to live.

There's a better way to live.

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