Wanna have an amazing month?

Are you tired of your to-do list?

Want som inspiration?

I saw something on social media today, (namely Susan Hyatt’s Instagram Stories), and I thought it was super cool and I wanted to try…..

She shared an image of someone’s list, of things that fill their cup.

Things to do for a month - that were for no other purpose than their own pleasure

I thought that was such a fun idea, and something I hadn’t tried before.

It got my wondering what would my month be like, if instead of focusing on all the events, to-do’s, goals, steps, plans, dreams, conversations I need to have, emails to send, etc - What if instead of all that, (or rather as-well-as), I planned to do one thing each day that filled my cup…..?


What would that be like?

So, here’s my list - not necessarily in order, just 31 things to choose from in July for the pure joy of doing something lovely for me.

I’d love to see your list!

If you want to know what I’m up to - I’ll post about it on social.


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