Using your Inner Seasons - Spring.

Using your Inner Seasons - Spring.

Inner Spring - The Season of the Heart

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Soooooo, you've been through Inner Winter, your period is finishing up and now you're heading into your own Inner Spring time........

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, I did a post a couple of weeks back on what it means to be in Inner Winter. as

Inner Spring is one of my favourite aspects of my cycle!

But before I get into telling you about Inner Spring, again I want to remind you, the most important thing for you to notice is, what I say about each season might not be the truth for you  - I encourage you to pay attention to your body - what does your body say?  How you feel, and your experience may be different to what I say.  All I'm doing is drawing your awareness to the fact that you have seasons. 
My question for you is - How do YOU experience this phase of your cycle?

When Does Inner Spring begin and end?

Typically Inner Spring usually starts around day 5-6 and lasts right up to about day 10 or 11.
It's not necessarily dictated by the length of your bleed - though that may come into it, and does for some women - it's much more of an energetic change.  Again this is up to you -  when's is YOUR energetic shift out of Inner Winter and into Inner Spring?  What does it feel like?

Let's look at what happens in the natural world during actual spring......

During this time in nature, life is stirring, the trees are starting to wake up, and we see the most gorgeous blossoms, the garden is starting to look alive again with all kinds of interesting green shoots pushing through. The winds a blowing, the rains's are falling, the days are getting longer, there's more sunshine, the birds start to be a lot more active in the mornings and the evenings......everywhere we look, there's new life. 

Animals are either showing signs of late pregnancy - and other animals are even beginning to have their young ones! Why? Well lots of reasons......The quality of food this time of year is better - which means the mothers milk will be richer and more nutrient dense......The weather's better, so there's more chance of survival for the babies......The light - the light and temperature is part of what governs an animals reproductive cycle, so typically many animals don't "season" during winter - which mean's they're hot-to-trot in the spring, summer and early autumn months, when the days are are longer and the heat is up!

Other animals are just waking up and coming out of hibernation after a long winter of their bodies being slowed right down - they're in search of what nourishes them.  Hens start laying again!  NB: Hen's generally don't lay all-year-round, under natural circumstances - even though we eat eggs most days of the week! 

Bulbs that buried in the ground during autumn, then activated by the cold harsh temperatures of winter, begin to push their way to the surface....generally you don't plant bulbs in the spring  - another signal from nature that we need cold, and difficult conditions for life to flourish. Fun Fact....Many plants which flower in spring and early summer actually begin the formation of their flower initials in the autumn and winter of the previous year (Grainger, 1939)

Spring is also a great time to grow things from seed - and a great time to plant out veggie gardens and flower gardens - these are the gorgeous fruits we'll be eating in the summer, autumn and sometimes even winter....I'm thinking preserves, jams, and frozen berries!

It's also important to remember that for beautiful, fruitful gardens to grow, soil quality is super important - it really is the back bone of your garden!  So keep in mind that it's important to prepare your garden before you plant anything in it!

There is so much going on, it feels exciting, because we know summer is on the way!  There's a lot of energy, the sun, the wind, the rain.....everything is ramping up.

What does all this mean and how does it relate to my menstrual cycle?

The main themes of spring are......

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  • Some things need to be planted in the Autumn  or Winter  - they need to harsh conditions to be able to grow in spring.
  • New life / possibilities are everywhere
  • There's a high chance that things planted / born-into this phase will survive
  • Light regulates life
  • It's a highly fertile time
  • The soil that we plant in needs to be full of compost, energy rich, and well prepared

So your bleed is over, you're starting to move out of the menstrual phase, and into the pre-ovulatory phase.  During this time, we can feel full of ideas, creative inspiration, the feeling that there's so much to do -  in a good way!  We can feel full of energy and life - we see potential EVERYWHERE.  It can feel like there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things we want to do.

During this time we're being called to see the world with fresh eyes, and to notice what's calling us?  What feels interesting or exciting?  What idea keeps coming into your mind?  What is your heart pulling you towards? What would be really fun to try?

This is the time to take action - plant the seeds for what you want to have happen.  What fruit do you want to see in your life?  What dreams, goals or visions do you have that are asking for you attention and ACTION?

This is a Yang phase, ( a more masculine time) which essentially means a time to DO, you'll feel full of energy - so it's time to put it to good use by taking big and small action steps in the direction you want to travel.

What about the moon?

This is the phase after a new moon.  The moon is said to be waxing, ie; getting bigger.  This is the time when you can see a crescent, building up to a "Half-moon".  There is light in the night sky, but not a lot.  

How does this relate to my cycle?

This can be a time when, we're asked to have faith, to keep going, to trust the cycle of life.  Just like we know the full moon's coming. This doesn't mean it will be all totally easy - there can be difficulties, or challenges - and this is often the time in our cycle (especially if we're taking new actions towards our dreams), when issues arise.

Ok, What about hormones......Tell me about the body's Inner Spring.

This is the follicular phase - also known as the pre-ovulatory phase.
The brain releases Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) which funnily enough stimulates the follicles in your ovaries to start growing - basically a small group of eggs in your ovaries are in a race to see which egg will get to be THE EGG that gets released at ovulation.....these follicles also produce Estrogen - which causes the endometrium to grow, and the cervix to produce mucus.  Essentially everything is working towards the most important time in a womans cycle - Ovulation!

This hormonal shift is said to affect your brain, in a way that it opens up to new things, offering surges of creativity, and new beginnings.  A woman's body also has a higher tolerance for pain at this time, and an increased capacity for endurance.

Let's connect the dots here.....

So your body is growing eggs, potential life, and it's putting a lot of energy and effort into it.  During this phase of your cycle, you have inspiration to plant new seeds - and the energy to grow these seeds (whatever you want in your life).  You probably have a few things you could put your energy into - but you can't put all your energy into everything and have them alllll come through for you.

And lastly - what about the day?

This part of the cycle relates to the early morning - say from about 5 or 6am until say 11am-ish.
Everyone's different, but often this can be a very productive part of the day.

This is the time we get up, get moving, and start setting things up for the day.  Many women I know are up at this time, exercising, making lunches, planning, quite busy DOING......taking action so that life can thrive.

Inner Spring and the Heart.....

This is the time when your heart is open, its pulling you in the direction of your dreams and visions for yourself.
Questions to ask your self in the your Inner Spring time!

  • What's something you've always dreamed of doing?
  • If you had the time / money / energy / resources / freedom - what would you do?
  • Who do you feel slightly envious / jealous of.......and WHY? (Typically we feel this way because, someone is doing something / achieving / living in a way we wish was true for ourselves).
  • What's something you just love to think about, research, read about or watch?

How can you use your Inner Spring?

  • First of all start to track it, notice when you start to move from one energy, into the next, when do you notice Inner Winter coming to an end, (remember you may still be bleeding and feel the change over of energy) and Inner Spring starting?  Clock it, and write it down.
  • During Inner Spring, you're being called to pay attention to your hearts desires......and TAKE ACTION on them.
    So pay attention to your yearnings, your desires - and then do something!
  • This is the time to allow your creative brain to play - and then use your courage muscle (coeur - is french for heart - courage comes from trusting your heart, AND taking action with it!) Write down 3 things you could do that would move you closer in the direction of your dreams - and commit to doing them - heck do one of them RIGHT NOW.
  • Be intentional. Set your goals or intentions, write them on a post it and stick it on the mirror.
    Write out all the steps you need to take - and do them.
  • Planning Planning Planning - set up your planner!

Create your own ritual around your Inner Spring time........

  • Set aside sometime, even if it's just a quick half hour in the evening, and write about what you'd like to create for this cycle,
  • Write out your vision for the future - and all the steps you need to take to get there.
  • Put things into your diary, action steps you can take, spend some time looking over your schedule and working out what you need to do, when, and how much time you can devote to this dream - what classes do you need to go to, what meetings need to happen, do you need to book a baby-sitter, or plan your meals?  What do you need to do to help yourself on this path?
  • Visualise yourself in the future, conjure up the feelings you want to feel, imagine where you'll be, what you'll be doing and how you'll be, imagine yourself as the type of women you'd like to be - see yourself there, and trust in the power of your 
  • Create a play list for Inner Spring.  Here's mine.....I encourage you to make yours - mine includes vintage treats from Hootie and the Blow Fish, Faith Hill, Pearl Jam......
  • Do something invigorating - a run, a cold water swim or shower,  hold your hand out the window while you drive along, turn up the music and dance, get up early and go for a walk, walk in the rain, scream out loud, walk around your home naked, have some wild, wonderful, (protected - unless you want to make a baby) sex......what would shake things up for you?
  • Buy yourself some flowers.
  • Tend to your actual garden - what are you supporting the growth of - or planting?  Notice the care and attention you put into the plant, what it needs to grow - and give yourself the same nourishment.
  • Change the sheets, clean up a little, something big is on her way, and she can't get in if there's clutter in the way.

Here's what Inner Spring can look like for me.....

Holy cow I love this season.
Its how I imagine I'd be if I took drugs - I'm super excited about pretty much everything.  Ideas pour in, it's all I can do to keep up and get them down on paper.  I feel like I'm a genius, untouchable, I'm the most amazing woman I've ever met.  The day's fly by as I try to get everything that's in my head and heart done.  I feel like this will last forever.  I can't imagine that in a couple of weeks this energy will disappear, and I'll be wondering if I'll ever have this super woman feeling again!


I feel like I've written waaaaaay to much - but hopefully there's something there for everyone.

Obviously I'd love to hear how you travel through your Inner Spring, any tips or ideas you have to offer - and of course if you have any questions or comments, just pop them into the comments section or come see me on Instagram or Facebook, OR go oldschool and email me:

Lots of love hon,

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