There's a better way to live.

There's a better way to live.

You might feel shy about sharing space with other women like this, like maybe it's a bit weird or hippy or unnecessary.  It's not. 

Smart, modern women know, that connection with other women is what makes us stronger, more radiant, more successful, happier and much, much, much better women.

There are only a few spots left - if one of them is yours - click through to the link, where you can sign up or enquire about anything you desperatly need to know! 


DATES 2018

This program is a year-long commitment with 12 retreat days. 

February 15th. 
March 2nd.  April 3rd + 30th. May 30th. 
June 28th.  July 27th.  August 27th. 
September 25th. October 25th. November 23rd.
December 8th.

Dates are based on the Fullmoon - when the Fullmoon falls on a weekend, or public holiday, I've created a retreat day within 3 days either side of the Fullmoon, (with the exception of December 8th).  

NB: The first and final retreat days are based around the Newmoon dates.



Each retreat day will run from 10am -2pm


Twelve monthly payments of $79.00

Wanna know more?

See you there!


10 things you can do when you've got your period

10 things you can do when you've got your period

Welcome Woman, into 2018.

Welcome Woman, into 2018.