Ladies Welcome


Hey Gorgeous.
I've been dreaming about writing this particular blog for a long time now.
It's not that I haven't written blogs before, but this one is different.

I've written it so often in my mind, when I'm out jogging, lying in bed at night, or standing in the shower.  Written it, but never actually written it.

So, finally this is the place I've decided to share things I've been wanting to discuss for a long time now. The things I'm passionate about, the things that matter to women.


  • How come, sometimes, confidence is just not there + and how do you get it back + what is confidence really?
  • And why is birth painful?
  • I want to tell you about the day I proudly (and seriously) wanted to change my FB status to "I HAVE THE STRONGEST VAGINA IN THE WORLD" - but felt to ashamed to follow through with it.
  • And lets talk about what it's like to run, and feel like you maybe putting yourself at risk of some kind of prolapse....terrifying, but I still really want to run!
  • How to nurture yourself - and why you don't actually do it?
  • And birth control - seriously an issue - most people I talk to.
  • Lets talk about Chinese medicine, ahhhhh
  • oooh and cycles, periods, menstruation. My goodness there's a book right there.

There are so many aspects to being a woman and not all of them get discussed at book club  or dinner or coffee group.  

This blog is my attempt at opening these discussions, making them part of the everyday conversation, and connecting women to the wisdom of their hearts and bodies. 

We're all at different stages of our journey, and what's important to a teenage woman is probably not top of mind for women who are in knee deep in nappies.  But you know what.  I remember being a teenage women - and it was MOFO hard.  And it is MOFO hard being a wife and a mama and a woman.  

We all need each other.

So I'm not sure how this will evolve over time, I look forward to watching it all unfold.


When things are going a bit shit.