How To Use Your Period To Change Your Life

How To Use Your Period To Change Your Life


Every year I get really excited - A NEW YEAR!!!!
And everything's great for the first couple of months - and then I putter out.

But then I discovered my cycle - and I realised - I get a New Year - EVERY MONTH!  I don't need to wait a whole year to get that clean slate, I only have to wait a couple of weeks!!

So how does it work?

Basically the woman's cycle is designed to support you, it shows you what's asking for transformation, and she helps you create your we're going to deal with how to create more of what you want in your life........

Here goes;  There are 4 phases to each cycle.
1. Menstruation - your period - #innerwinter
2. Preovulation - before you ovulate - #innerspring
3. Ovulation - when you're ovulating - #innersummer
4. Postovulation - after you've ovulated - #innerautumn

So, each cycle, when you get your period, it's an invitation to tune into yourself, this is #innerwinter, and here, you have the opportunity to dance with your cycle, to move with her invitations (rather than just trying to get shit done and muscle through).  This is the end - and the beginning.  This is the time to plant seeds for your life.  This is the time to notice what you want more of in your life - here's one way you can do it.......

Ask yourself this - What would I like the theme of this cycle to be.......?

If you could make it about anything - what would you want it to be about?
Self care / More sleep / Meditation / Better communication with your partner / Feeling more energised / Earning more money / Having more fun with your children........
You get to choose ANYTHING.

So, now it's you'r turn, finish this sentence.

The theme of this cycle is __________

Intention set.

(Tip; set one intention and nail it.)

Ok, I've set an intention - now what?
.........Planning like a boss

#Innerwinter is a wonderful time to plan, so take out your planner and look at how you can put things in place that would really support your intention........if it's get more sleep - set yourself a bed time / take netflix off your computer.  If it's better communication with your partner, you might like to schedule in some dates, or just quiet nights in together.  If it's feeling more energised - ask yourself what would make you feel more energised and put it into your plan - it could be buying groceries online rather than at the shop, or maybe it's starting a new class, or having a sleep-in day on the weekend and discussing that with your partner (if it means he needs to take the kids).....  Just come up with a bit of a plan - it doesn't need to be ridged, just something you can feel supported by.

Next, you get to practice embodying the theme you've chosen.

How do you embody a theme?

As you move out of #innerwinter, and into #innerspring, you get to really show up to each day with that new energy - noticing how you can bring that theme to life within your day.

For example; If your intention is to have more fun with your kids, you might write that intention down on a post-it and stick it to a mirror, your  dashboard, your planner, your fridge.....and then look for ways you can have more fun with them......what would be fun for you?  how do you like to play and have fun? invite them to do that stuff with you........ or join them in their world, maybe it's lego or running races?  if what they do isn't fun to you - how can you make it fun?   Maybe you play music you like while you're doing lego - or invite a friend to come with her kids and do running races.  Ask yourself questions like "how could I have more fun with this?" - bringing your awareness back to fun all the time.  

Inner spring is about creativity and noticing what's pulling you forward - what opens your heart?  What brings you alive?

Use the power of your energy, that wonder-woman status, that budding flower, bright, vibrant, curious, sassy, energy of spring, to really step into the shoes of the woman you know yourself to be.  How can you take steps in the world that support your theme?v  what would it look like to live that theme? 

Inner spring is often a time of lots of energy, so harness that energy and channel it towards your intentions.

As you move into #innersummer spend time noticing, and appreciating all the ways you've been committed to your intention.  Celebrate! 

Honour this sacred time in your cycle - you might want to journal and list out what you've done towards your intention, maybe chat with a girlfriend about how awesome you've been doing, you could buy yourself a little treat or gift, or do something to mark this time in your cycle - maybe a swim or a walk - or if you look at the above example - maybe it's celebrating with your kids - doing something supper fun like taking them somewhere special..........whatever you do - love on yourself, tell yourself what a great job you've done, and be intentionally grateful to yourself for any and all effort you've put towards your intention.

Next comes #innerautumn. 

This is typically a time of slowing down, you may notice you feel a little more tired, and you don't have the energy to put into your intentions like you did earlier in your cycle - that doesn't mean you need to abandon them - you just need to to notice the shift in energy and take a slightly different approach......

How can you continue working towards your intentions - without pushing towards them?
Is there a different flavour to play with? 

Going back to the fun example, maybe fun in the #innerspring phase looked like a dance party in your kitchen or  a run on the beach - but fun during #innerautumn is more like skimming stones on the water or watching a movie.......

During #innerautumn, grant yourself permission to be fully committed to yourself, ask yourself : Do I feel good about the way I spent my time this month - and if not, what needs to shift?

When you know the answer to the question - you'll get to allow whats not working to fall away from your life, just as the leaves fall from the branches and leave the trees bare and ready for what comes can do the same, allowing what has fallen away to create the fertile ground for the next cycle,  and you'll start to open up to even more possibility, as your intentions for the new cycle start to form.......

So hon,
What's the theme for this month?

I'd love to hear what your theme is, how you plan for it, what creative ideas you have, how you put those into place, how you celebrate, and what you do to slow down........

Let me know in the comments!

I'll announce my theme tomorrow - and you can follow along with how that unfolds for me on facebook and instagram

Much love

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