Do you rock your period - or do you think it's gross?

Do you rock your period - or do you think it's gross?

A little while ago, a friend was telling me a story......and it was a good one!

Image by @naqvi_sarah

Image by @naqvi_sarah

Once upon a time, she got out of the shower, and without realising it, a drop of her menstrual blood landed on the floor.  Her husband, asked her if she'd cut herself shaving - "ummm no" she said - and it took her a moment to realise where the blood had come from.

The kids and the husband started to all wonder where had this blood come from?  It was a mystery, no-one could work it out -  and my friend wasn't fessing up. The kids even made a movie about it on their phones. Hilarious!

When she told me this story, she must have apologised at least 5 times for it being a gross story, and sharing too much information......Meanwhile, I'm on the edge of my seat with popcorn! Ummmm what do you mean gross?  You could never share too much information about your period with me!

But I get it - I've been there, many times before, cursing my period, feeling embarrassed, having a bleed-through, staining the sheets, marking the towels, leaving a drop of blood (or more) on the bathroom floor, having a freak-out moment because my period has arrived unexpectedly........I know the horror I've felt in the past.

And I see you - as you shift uncomfortably when I say the word period.  I see you when you dismiss the topic right off the bat and quickly change the subject, how you blush and lower your voice.  I see you when you call it something else, like "Aunt Flow, or Shark Week". 
It's ok.

I used to feel this way too.

I also know that it's actually not gross. 
It's the most natural thing your body does. 
All women have, will, or are, menstruating - bleeding.

So why do we try to hide it? Or feel shame in it?  I mean really HOW does that help us in any way?

Imagine how my sweet friend might have felt, if she'd made the bold move of saying - "Oooh, I must have gotten my period and not realised".  

P.S. Notice I didn't say "SORRY - I got my period".

Imagine if she'd rocked it!

Yup, you're right, the kids would have missed out on all the fun of making a detective doco - she still has the movie and has promised me a private viewing one day! I can't wait to see!


We're women and we bleed - lets own that.

You don't have to shout it from the roof tops - or announce it on Facebook.....but then, why wouldn't you?

Here's what I know - Not owning your period disconnects you from yourself, and it disconnects you from your source of power - it erodes your confidence, and your trust in yourself, you become less of the woman you were born to be.

So here are my questions to you ........
How do you treat yourself and look after yourself when you're bleeding? 
How do you talk about your period? 
How do you think about your period?
How do you tell other people that you've got your period?
How do you tell your partner you've got your period  (apologetic, embarrassed, guilty....?)
How do you talk about "getting your period" with your kids?  And remember - daughters aren't the only ones who need this information.

And then ask yourself - Why do I think this way / feel this way / act this way?

SO......Are you ready to rock your period?

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