Do you overeat?

Yeah I know me too.

I’ve spent many a night with such a sore tummy that I wanted to cry.
I’ve said “fuck it” as I reached for another handful of something ,more times than I can count.
I’ve told myself that I “deserve” another piece of cake, I’ve earned it.
I’ve felt the relief of eating it, and the equal feeling of guilt and discomfort as I ate it.
I’ve promised myself - once I eat this - then it’s gone, and I’ll start tomorrow.

So why am I telling you all this.


  1. You’re not alone

  2. There’s a way out

The way out of this food drama is to remember - it’s not about food.
Food just happens to be your drug of choice.
There’s something else going on here…….and it’s asking for your attention.

The reason it feels uncomfortable and horrible to be in this space is because life is saying “come here - look at this”!

When you work out what THIS is, when you do the work - you’re free.
You lose weight.
You start to live in a way that is much more true to you.

I decided I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life simultaneously acknowledging, and dodging my feelings by eating.

If you’re ready to stop the food drama (feeling the intense need for food, the guilt and shame that come with eating too much food, and the harsh strictness that follows….)

Try this.

Next time you feel the desire to eat something - stop.
Ask your body “Am I hungry?”
Ask yourself “What do I really need?”

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I know, it’s stupid simple.

But the more you do it - the more aquatinted you’ll become with your feelings.
The more you acknowledge your feelings, and notice your needs - less you’ll need food.

You can’t expect others to acknowledge your feelings and needs - if that’s how you acknowledge your feelings and needs.

If you need help with learning how to stop overeating or compulsive eating - then I’d love to see you in a free private consult……

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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