Are you committed?


"As soon as you TRULY commit to making something happen - the HOW will reveal itself."
- Anthony Robbins

I really resonate with this. I pinned it on my Pinterest board tonight.

BUT, the truth is......

You can't MAKE anything happen; when we stop trying to MAKE shit happen, when we stop trying so hard to avoid feeling the pain, or stress, of whatever situation we're in - and ask for help - thats when life gets magic.

It's not about commitment to MAKING something happen - YOU can't do that.

It's about a commitment to connecting to your inner wisdom. Is that spiritual? Yes it bloody well is, and I'm pretty sick of avoiding it, or trying to dress things up so that they don't sound spiritual. 

If you want things to be different in your life in anyway - there's a whole universe inside of you, its like a thunderstorm on a summers afternoon, it's like gazing into your newborns eyes, it's the sound of snow falling and waves on the shore, the wind in the trees and rain in the morning.  

The whole universe is waiting for your call.

Commit to that, and the how will be revealed.  

Seriously - how the F do women's hormones work?

Seriously - how the F do women's hormones work?