A while ago a friend said to me "you can never be out of alignment with yourself".  At the time I thought she was right, it sounded so spiritual - and I was really paying attention because she was doing some really intense work with shamans, and I thought that was as good as it got......  

And turns out, she was right.

Whatever's happening for you, in this moment - good or bad - is exactly what's supposed to be happening for you, you're in perfect alignment - it really is impossible for anyone to get off course.


When things feel shit, when you feel bad - that's life's way of saying - "you're out of alignment, you're off course, you're out of balance, something needs to shift, you need something, move, try something different......."

So actually, even though you can't be out of alignment - you can. 

Are you committed?

That time I was 12 weeks pregnant in France

That time I was 12 weeks pregnant in France