When things are going a bit shit.


Last night I was driving with a girlfriend to a party.  On a school night.  I was pretty stoked to be getting out of the house at 7pm, with heels, make-up + a clutch, (this is a photo of me the next day - sporting a cute tee from the gig) I was feeling good.....and then on the car ride into town, we got chatting, and my friend asked me - hows the new website going?

God, I just had this sickening feeling.

Its going a bit shit.

I started it, and I haven't done anything with it.  I've got 20 half finished blogs and nothing published. WTF?  I've got a million brilliant ideas, and they're all in my head.  

And let me tell you - it gets worse because her blog is amazing - so I was having a little moment of "compare and despair".  

So here's where everyone in the world gets stuck.

We look around and don't do the things we want to do, not because there's no time, not because we're too busy, or we're not capable, or smart enough, or talented enough - but because we don't value that feminine, creative spark within ourselves.  Instead we do the dishes, make lunches, make beds, do the washing, take kids to school, talk with friends, email, facebook, instagram, shop, watch tv, feel bad that it's not done, compare ourselves to others, procrastinate...........at least that's what can happen to me.

Here's the stupid thing.  You just have to start.  

And to start that means you've gotta stop f-ing around on Face Book, or listening to the podcast that tells you how to do it, or reading the tutorial, or any other thing that isn't actually doing it.

You can't just write it on the to-do list every day, or create a perfect planner that plans to do it.

Because that's not doing it - thats just pretend doing it.

So even though this far from my ideal post- and may not be of any use to you at all - its me taking the time to value what's important to me - which really is writing - as odd as that seems to me.

What about you? what are you thinking about, dreaming about, wishing you could do?
What wild, or not so wild idea, wont leave you alone?

Is it a dance class? A weekend away with your hubby or a girlfriend?  Is it revamping your diet or implementing a composting system in your family home? 

What is it you keep putting off - wishing you had time for - trying to make perfect or be perfect for?

If you could take one step towards that thing - what would that one step be?
And not a pretend, write it in your diary and tell yourself you'll do it tomorrow, step - but an actual, physical, real life, step?

I'd love to hear from you in the comments - I'll be your accountability coach.  Write it here and I'll ask you later if you've done it.

Lets get some shit done that makes us feel good.

I wish I could use emoji on blog.  Lets face it, there probably is some way to do that - but I just haven't discovered it yet.

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That time I was 12 weeks pregnant in France

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