Why do you get clots in your period blood.

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It disturbs me when I read that clots in your period blood are normal.

They're not. Even though I know we've all had them!

So here's the rule when it comes to clots

Pea sized or smaller is ok - any bigger should be considered not normal and worth taking note of.
Larger clots are common - but not considered normal. 

But why do you get them?

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Right of the bat I feel it's important to mention they could be a sign of  Fibroids, PCOS, Endometriosis, Cysts, or Polyps.....these can all cause clots in your period blood - and can be serious conditions - the clots could be a valuable sign your body's giving you that you need some further investigations done. 

BUT you may have clots in your menstrual blood - and NOT have any of these conditions..........

Clots could be indicating a few other less serious, but still good to address issues.

There are a variety of reasons you get clots in your menstrual blood - and because Im not a doctor, I'm more of a researcher.....I've rounded up all the information I can find and I'm sharing that here today.....

1. You may not be ovulating. 

So yes, it is possible to bleed without having ovulated (technically they don't class this as a menstrual bleed, it's called withdrawal bleeding - but it totally looks and behaves like a menstrual bleed - and many women wouldn't even know the difference, and so if you haven't ovulated, your body won't be producing progesterone like it typically would in a luteal phase, (after you ovulate). Progesterone is involved in the way uterine lining is processed before it leaves the body - so there's evidence to suggest that if the progesterone isn't there, or there in high enough levels - the clots will be.

2. You can have an too much estrogen in your system. 

Estrogen is that gorgeous hormone responsible for building up the lining of the uterus......but if you have too much estrogen - you can kinda "overgrow" that lining.

So I know what you're gonna say; 
"What would cause too much estrogen?" 

Here are a few top contenders.

  • If the liver's overloaded when it's trying to detox from the estrogen that naturally occurs in your menstrual cycle - it will prioritise other substances that are overloading it, before estrogen - like coffee, sugar, alcohol......which means the estrogen gets pushed out of the liver and back into your system, where it builds up.
  • If you're stressed, your body may be making less than optimal levels of progesterone,  because it's busy making cortisol.  What happens is, when your body's needing to make lots of cortisol, it steals cells that could be used to make progesterone, and instead uses those cells to make cortisol - so then you don't have the building blocks you need for progesterone!
  • You may have a couple of attempts to ovulate, in which case you could have a very thick uterine lining.  If this is the case, it may be that you never actually ovulate during that cycle - or you could ovulate - with more than one attempt at ovulation before you actually do ovulate.
  • Xenoestrogens.  A fancy word for "foreign estrogens" meaning - not made in the body, except your body doesn't know that, and invites the xenoestrogens to the party........Too many of these bad boys and you start to get out of balance......they're basically found in everything.  Ok not everything, but lets just say you're probably swimming in them.  They're in shampoo and conditioner, nail polish, makeup, cleaning products, soy products, dairy products.......and this is the short list.  

3. Other reasons could include.....

Miscarriage, affects of medication, peri-menopausal changes, rapid weight gain or loss, other illnesses, such as cancer, liver dysfunction, kidney problems, thyroid disorders or it could be an enlarged uterus after child birth......


4. Here's a wacky idea - it could be related to the way you live.....your energy  

I used to have heavy clotted bleeds as my regular period - and then I saw my acupuncturist, and she used her magic needles to cure me.  My clots and heavy, heavy flow were a symptom of something more energetic that was going on in my life - that absolutely needed to be addressed.

(I'll have more on acupuncture in a later post - because this is a biggie)

So what am I saying?

If you've got menstrual clotting - it's definitely something to pay attention to.

Here are a few things you could try......

  • Avoiding coffee, refined sugar, and alcohol - especially around the time post ovulation, and when you have your period.
  • Slowing down, and reducing the level of stress,worry or upset in your life
  • Supporting your livers detoxification process with milk thistle, lots of water and leafy greens
  • Start cutting down on anything that's a xenoestrogen in your life.....if you're wondering where to start you could go through your products at home and notice what has lauryl sulfate, in it - or avoid soy and dairy products...you know just to get started.

If it's a continuing problem, I would also reccomend seeing a health practitioner who understands and values menstrual health - and doesn't immediately suggest hormonal birth control like the pill, the injection, the Mirena or the rod.  Because while these things may help - they're actually not helpful.  You have clots for a reason, and when you understand what that reason is - you can do something about it.

If you're not keen on a regular  MD - or your not finding the support you need when you see them, you may find it helpful to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncturist, a herbalist, abdominal massage therapist, Osteopaths - or find a different doctor and ask for another opinion........my point is, find someone who can really help you - and you'll see the evidence of their work in your cycle.

Here's to nice healthy period blood!

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Filling up on Energy - aka G O I N G H O M E

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A week ago it was my birthday - and I wrote this post about ageing backwards - because, I don't know about you - but suddenly I'm not 22 anymore..........the baby weight is still on3 kids and 3 years later, my 6 year old pointed out to me that I have black circles under my eyes, my back is stiff and tired, sex is not always the #1 priority when I go to bed at night, annnnnd if I don't keep up to date with my pelvic floor exercises -  I wet my pants when I sneeze.

(I promise I'll cover the sex and pelvic floor another time!)

Anyway - in that post I shared 10 themes I'm committed to for this birthday year, and one of the themes was "Filling up on Energy" - which doesn't mean drinking more coffee! 

So, in this article, I'll be sharing a few things you can do, particularly around your cycle, that can help you fill up on energy - the key words here are "to-do" because if we don't take action - nothing changes. 

Obviously there are basic things you can do, (which we alllll know - and roll our eyes at - and promise ourselves we'll do more of it ) like........

Lights out by 10pm
Eating nourishing foods
Taking vitamins, minerals and other suplements
Drinking plenty of water
Disengaging from social media on a regular basis
Limiting coffee, alcohol, sugar and any other drugs
Not over exercising
Getting exercise
Being in nature

But there's some other stuff you can do, that you may not have thought of - or maybe you didn't think it was important.....? 

Energy is my numero uno priority - and from what I hear it's the number one priority of a lot of the women I work with, and hang out with.

Not only do we want more energy just to get through the day - We want more energy to start exercising, to go to yoga, to connect and play with our kids, to start businesses, to be intimate with our partners and go on dates, to write books, to hang out with our friends, to pick-up new hobbies and do things that matter to us!

So what is our energy?

  • Energy is something intangible within you, like a river,  a life force potential that brings a certain "you-ness" magic to everything you touch and do. 
  • Energy is also completely tangible, we see it in ECG machines and other medical technology, it's what keeps your heart beating,and your blood flowing, it's what fires through your brain and body when you want to walk, talk,  smile, or think - just to name a few!
  • AND, science tell us energy is what your body is made of - you might think you're solid - you look and feel solid - but the reality is, your body's made up of energy - so much energy vibrating in the same space, with the same signature, that it's become matter.  It's become YOU.

But there's another piece to this pie, which often masquerades as lack of energy.....

It's one that many women feel, but perhaps can't put into words - it's a feeling of missing something, needing something, wanting more - sometimes feeling guilty for wanting more or different, because what we have is so wonderful - but still, there's a calling we feel from within, for something.

The calling can be mistaken for depleted energy, but it's much  more than lacking energy - it's that feeling of looking for your sense of self, wanting to feel restored, to revive yourself and feel alive again........ 
Do you hear the call_ (1).png

Do you ever feel that way?
Bereft.  Looking for something. Yearning. Feeling out of alignment.  Homesick for your truest self.........?

Maybe you feel lacklustre, tired, unmotivated, fatigued, overwhelmed, or underwhelmed, restless, irritable - it might feel like mourning or grief, or maybe you feel disconnected and isolated? 

Maybe not?
Maybe just certain times of the month.....?

But if you do - you're not alone.

Often this feeling can become more noticeable during the Inner Autumn and Winter of a woman's cycle, (that time after ovulation, and when you get your period).  It can come up at birthdays or anniversaries. It may set in as you move into peri-menopause. It can come up as the seasons of the year change, or as you move into a new phase or season of your life......or it can just be there.

So what is this feeling?

This feeling is here to wake you up. 
The dissonance and discomfort becomes more and more obvious - especially when you ignore it.  It's here to create a hunger in you, a desire to search for what nourishes you.  BUT this feeling makes you so uncomfortable that it's hard to do anything about it - Which quite honestly sucks - because the way to move through this feeling is to go home, to do something different, to do something about it - to connect to that inner energy of you.

I know - there'll be excuses - I've made them myself a thousand times.......

Yes yes, I know I should, but.....
I don't have the time to........
I don't have the energy to......
My kids need.......
My husband wants........
I've got to ________ first
When I get time I will
Next time
Next summer
But I can't because.......

We all have our favourite ways of talking ourselves out of going home.......

It's not the right time
I'll upset so-and-so
I really shouldn't
There are other things I need to do first
But things aren't that bad
I shouldn't be so selfish
I don't really need to
Next year I'll......

To be quite honest with you - I get it.
As my husband read this article over my should, I could feel myself worried that he'd be rolling his eyes, and thinking you don't need to do that - what you really need to do is _________________!

It can be hard not to doubt ourselves - mainly because we've been brought up to doubt ourselves! 

Our culture systematically undervalues this aspect of life and disregards it as unimportant - we're taught as women and men, that this isn't the real work of the world. 
As women we're trained to ignore the call.

What does this have to do with our cycles?

It may have nothing or everything to do with your cycle - bring your awareness to what works for you, and what's true for you.  You might notice you have cycles within cycles, or maybe you sync up with the moon's cycles.  The more your listen in - the more obvious it will become.

The time for you to go home, is anytime you feel called to. 
These are just some ideas......

During Inner Summer - Ovulation - Full Moon, we're primed to spend time in solitude. You may hear the call to retreat and be with yourself, to assess any and all aspects of your life - the way you mother your children and the relationships you have with them, the work you do, your intimate relationship, your home, your connection to your parents and siblings, the way you play, how you move in the world......

During this time we ask ourselves - What do I need more of? What do I need less of?  What do I need to change, or shift?  What am I yearning for?

During Inner Autumn - Post Ovulation, - the Wanning Moon and Inner Winter  - Menstruation - the New Moon, we may feel the call, the desire to be alone and connect with our soul, the part of us that whispers what's next, what wants to happen.  This is when all the work's going on beneath the surface, it might look like nothing's happening, it might seem like a waste of time, or a like there's no point to it - but without this spaciousness, without this quiet time, without this stillness and darkness - nothing can be brought to life.......

During this phase we spend time alone doing nothing, time setting intentions and connecting to the visions we have for our lives.


When we don't take time......I believe this is part of what PMS anger and frustration is about - we deeply desire time alone, but feel like we can't take it, we're needing to go home, but feel like something, or someone is stopping us.

Tell me where I'm wrong?

What if we don't go H O M E?

If we don't do this work, we become a watered down version of who we were born to be.  We become over controlling, stressed, pressured, we become perfectionists,  we become obsessed with our own success and ambition.  We find life to be dissatisfying.

We fade
We lose our ability to speak up
We become dreary
We wilt
Eventually, we become empty.  We have nothing to offer the world or our families. 
We become dry and sour.

So what is H O M E? 

Home is the place you go that brings a feeling of calm, or ease, or refuge, or pleasure.  A place you can rest.  

It may be a physical place, a forrest, a beach, a tree or a river.
It may be a table by the window or a deck you sit on.
I could be an armchair, or a bonfire, a patch of grass in your back yard.
It could be the smell of rain.
A warm cup of tea.
Holding hands.
A Favourite book
The smell of your childs' head

There are many, many, many, homes.  All of us are different. 

How do we go H O M E?

Visiting home can happen in a moment - or it may take a week.  You may leave your home town, and journey to a physical location, or you might sit in your living room with the kids playing around you.  

You don't need to "go on a retreat" or book a yoga holiday, to take yourself home - though that can be lovely.

All you need is the desire and intention to go.

Visiting home maybe a certain place you go to - a field, a mountain, or warf.

Or it maybe something you do, like running, meditating, praying, getting up early before the house wakes up, singing, dancing, writing, crocheting, creating a space you love, preparing a meal, growing a garden, watching a play, staring at the ocean or the sunset, smelling a flower, standing still, listening to the thunder or rain on the roof, lying under the stars, journaling, painting, people watching, feeling the warm sun on your face, or the cool winds whip your hair, reading an old journal or a favourite poem....... 

I don't know what your home looks and feels like - I only know my own way home, and even then the path can be hard to take.

It costs nothing.  

But the cost of not going is immense

Others, (husbands and children), may not understand your need to go.
You may not understand it.
But that doesn't mean you shouldn't go.

We all know how to get there. 
Not going, never serves us.

Where's your home?
Do you go often?
Are you different when you come back?
Does anything stop you from going?

Any questions?

I'd love to hear your experiences of home.
Drop me a line in the comments section.

All my love

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Can we age backwards.......?

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"How you move through time, determines whether or not you will decline"
- Dr Christiane Northrup.
Are you expanding or declining_.png

I know it sounds bizarre - but I've seen it first hand - when women live well, they start to age backwards......

This is a really selfish article - basically, today's my birthday, and I started to think about a few things I'd like to be able to do, to start doing, or to do more of - that would make me feel more full of energy, life, radiance and vitality!

And I thought I'd share them here - because none of us are getting chronologically younger, but that doesn't mean we have to get old.

I've written lists before, of things I wanna do before my next birthday - like a bucket list for the  year - and that's been helpful, sometimes I've done the things and sometimes I haven't......and I definitely have a few key things I'd like to get the ball rolling on for this year - things I've been saying "I want to do that" for YEARS, and still don't get around to doing......
(is it just me?)

But this list is a little different.....it's kind of categories (bar a couple of things), that I wanna focus on, to bring more of me, into my life.

10 themes (in no particular order),  I'm committing to for the next year.......

  1. Lights out 10pm - 5 nights a week (my 5 year old self is throwing her hands up - but my 30-something self is cartwheeling with bliss)
  2. Connection with Nature  - my favourite flavour of time out - and there are so many ways to enjoy nature - are you keen to know more?
  3. Connection with Friends and Family - I heart the people in my life.
  4. Sensuality - What can I say, I'm a Taurus - this is a soul need - I'll share more about how I'm bringing sensuality into my life if you're interested?
  5. I quit refined sugar - I quit coffee and alcohol at the beginning of the year - why not sugar?
  6. Speaking kindly to myself - This is hands down one of my favourite things to do.
  7. Filling up on energy - I'll expand on this later......SO many things to say!
  8. F U N + L A U G H T E R - I don't have nearly enough of this in my world - So I'll let you know what fun looks like for me, and how I crack myself up in later posts!
  9. Meditation and visualisation - we all know it works.
  10. Strength and flexibility - Since I hurt myself, I've become extremely aware of how important my body is to me, and how much I want to love and care for it ......Again, I'll let you know what I'm up to.

I almost feel like I need to take before photos?!
Who am I kidding - I've totally taken before photos - but do I really want to share them?

Before photos are just photos, without the after photos.......

The whole point of this exercise is not to reduce wrinkles or greys, or to change my appearance, it's to be conscious of the way I'm moving through life - I don't want to decline - I want to expand!

What would expand you?

I'd love to see your list - do you have a birthday coming up?  If not, maybe you could join in on my birthday?

Would you go with a bucket list - themes - or something else entirely?  I'd love to hear your birthday rituals!
Share them with me in the comments.

See ya next week
Much love

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How To Use Your Period To Change Your Life


Every year I get really excited - A NEW YEAR!!!!
And everything's great for the first couple of months - and then I putter out.

But then I discovered my cycle - and I realised - I get a New Year - EVERY MONTH!  I don't need to wait a whole year to get that clean slate, I only have to wait a couple of weeks!!

So how does it work?

Basically the woman's cycle is designed to support you, it shows you what's asking for transformation, and she helps you create your dreams.......today we're going to deal with how to create more of what you want in your life........

Here goes;  There are 4 phases to each cycle.
1. Menstruation - your period - #innerwinter
2. Preovulation - before you ovulate - #innerspring
3. Ovulation - when you're ovulating - #innersummer
4. Postovulation - after you've ovulated - #innerautumn

So, each cycle, when you get your period, it's an invitation to tune into yourself, this is #innerwinter, and here, you have the opportunity to dance with your cycle, to move with her invitations (rather than just trying to get shit done and muscle through).  This is the end - and the beginning.  This is the time to plant seeds for your life.  This is the time to notice what you want more of in your life - here's one way you can do it.......

Ask yourself this - What would I like the theme of this cycle to be.......?

If you could make it about anything - what would you want it to be about?
Self care / More sleep / Meditation / Better communication with your partner / Feeling more energised / Earning more money / Having more fun with your children........
You get to choose ANYTHING.

So, now it's you'r turn, finish this sentence.

The theme of this cycle is __________

Intention set.

(Tip; set one intention and nail it.)

Ok, I've set an intention - now what?
.........Planning like a boss

#Innerwinter is a wonderful time to plan, so take out your planner and look at how you can put things in place that would really support your intention........if it's get more sleep - set yourself a bed time / take netflix off your computer.  If it's better communication with your partner, you might like to schedule in some dates, or just quiet nights in together.  If it's feeling more energised - ask yourself what would make you feel more energised and put it into your plan - it could be buying groceries online rather than at the shop, or maybe it's starting a new class, or having a sleep-in day on the weekend and discussing that with your partner (if it means he needs to take the kids).....  Just come up with a bit of a plan - it doesn't need to be ridged, just something you can feel supported by.

Next, you get to practice embodying the theme you've chosen.

How do you embody a theme?

As you move out of #innerwinter, and into #innerspring, you get to really show up to each day with that new energy - noticing how you can bring that theme to life within your day.

For example; If your intention is to have more fun with your kids, you might write that intention down on a post-it and stick it to a mirror, your  dashboard, your planner, your fridge.....and then look for ways you can have more fun with them......what would be fun for you?  how do you like to play and have fun? invite them to do that stuff with you........ or join them in their world, maybe it's lego or running races?  if what they do isn't fun to you - how can you make it fun?   Maybe you play music you like while you're doing lego - or invite a friend to come with her kids and do running races.  Ask yourself questions like "how could I have more fun with this?" - bringing your awareness back to fun all the time.  

Inner spring is about creativity and noticing what's pulling you forward - what opens your heart?  What brings you alive?

Use the power of your energy, that wonder-woman status, that budding flower, bright, vibrant, curious, sassy, energy of spring, to really step into the shoes of the woman you know yourself to be.  How can you take steps in the world that support your theme?v  what would it look like to live that theme? 

Inner spring is often a time of lots of energy, so harness that energy and channel it towards your intentions.

As you move into #innersummer spend time noticing, and appreciating all the ways you've been committed to your intention.  Celebrate! 

Honour this sacred time in your cycle - you might want to journal and list out what you've done towards your intention, maybe chat with a girlfriend about how awesome you've been doing, you could buy yourself a little treat or gift, or do something to mark this time in your cycle - maybe a swim or a walk - or if you look at the above example - maybe it's celebrating with your kids - doing something supper fun like taking them somewhere special..........whatever you do - love on yourself, tell yourself what a great job you've done, and be intentionally grateful to yourself for any and all effort you've put towards your intention.

Next comes #innerautumn. 

This is typically a time of slowing down, you may notice you feel a little more tired, and you don't have the energy to put into your intentions like you did earlier in your cycle - that doesn't mean you need to abandon them - you just need to to notice the shift in energy and take a slightly different approach......

How can you continue working towards your intentions - without pushing towards them?
Is there a different flavour to play with? 

Going back to the fun example, maybe fun in the #innerspring phase looked like a dance party in your kitchen or  a run on the beach - but fun during #innerautumn is more like skimming stones on the water or watching a movie.......

During #innerautumn, grant yourself permission to be fully committed to yourself, ask yourself : Do I feel good about the way I spent my time this month - and if not, what needs to shift?

When you know the answer to the question - you'll get to allow whats not working to fall away from your life, just as the leaves fall from the branches and leave the trees bare and ready for what comes next.......you can do the same, allowing what has fallen away to create the fertile ground for the next cycle,  and you'll start to open up to even more possibility, as your intentions for the new cycle start to form.......

So hon,
What's the theme for this month?

I'd love to hear what your theme is, how you plan for it, what creative ideas you have, how you put those into place, how you celebrate, and what you do to slow down........

Let me know in the comments!

I'll announce my theme tomorrow - and you can follow along with how that unfolds for me on facebook and instagram

Much love

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What is the Billings Method?

Menstrual Mondays (1).png

You might have heard rumours.............The rumours that people who use The Billings Method™ are all religious - or catholic.

Not true.

You may have heard that people who use, or teach The Billings Method™ are all prudish, and wear brown cardies.

Also, not true.

You've probably heard - "We tried The Billings Method™ - it didn't work - that's how we got pregnant with Maddison"

I'd love to talk with those people and hear the details - 'cause it's pretty damn effective when followed correctly.

So what is The Billings Ovulation Method™?

Untitled design (2).png

The Billings Ovulation Method™ is a way of tracking your menstrual cycle, and your phases of fertility, by looking at your cervical fluid, and noticing the sensation you feel at your vulva, daily.  It's a way of determining if you're potentially fertile or not, on a day-to-day basis.  Once you know what your particular signs and patterns are (because you can see them and you start to know what to look for and what's normal for you), you'll be able to use this knowledge to choose when it's safe to have sex - and avoid pregnancy.......or when you can go for gold and pregnancy 'cause you wanna get pregnant!

Got it?

Basically you're tracking your unique cervical fluid patterns, and vulva sensation (no need to go digging around in your underwear or feeling inside your vagina) - so you can tell if you're fertile or not - and then you can decide if you want to have sex during that time or not.

What is The Billings Ovulation Method™ used for?

  • Recognise fertiltiy
  • Achieve pregnancy
  • Avoid pregnancy
  • Monitor your reproductive health

So why does The Billings Ovulation Method™ have such a bad rep?

Well it's mostly for people wearing brown cardies. 
But seriously - here's why.............PEOPLE ARE CONFUSED.

They're confused about what The Billings is, AND how to use it

Even some health professionals are confused - like doctors - you know, the people who we think know everything.
But that's ok, because it's actually pretty simple - and you don't have to be a doctor, or even educated, to learn it.

Heres' what the Billings is not.....

  • It's NOT the Rhythm Method. (Don't use this - it's not gonna work)
  • Other people confuse it with an alga-rhythm method - again this is basically the rhythm method - where a woman uses past cycle lengths, and a mathematical formula to PREDICT future fertile phases.  Bad plan lady.
  • It's NOT a period tracker app. 
  • It's NOT preying "Dear God make me not pregnant"
  • It's NOT using Cycle Beads
  • It's NOT the Fertility Awareness Method, or FAM, (though in my book this is a close second) or The Thermo-Sympto-Method.
  • It's definitely NOT The Two Day Method

The Billings Ovulation Method™ does NOT predict when you will be fertile - it tells you when you ARE potentially fertile - on a day to day basis - and when you're not.

The Billings Ovulation Method has been extensively studied on 1000's of women, all over the world, measuring their levels of hormones, and documenting their cycles, and tracking it's effectiveness - it's incredibly accurate, and scientifically confirmed, and very well documented.

How Effective is The Billings Ovulation Method™?  'Cause that's what we all wanna know!

When it's taught correctly, and when the couple completely understand the method, and when they follow the rules - it is 98% - 99% effective!

Thats more effective than the pill, the copper IUD, condoms, diaprhagms, depo....... Don't even get me started!

Got it?

Got questions?

Ask away - either here in the the comments - or you can find me on Facebook here - instagram here - or of course you can always email me at truenatureme@gmail.com - I know I'm working on getting a real email address - but you know this one works and it's not high on my priority list to fix something that's not broken!

You stay classy San Diego!

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How do you use the New Moon Energy?

Menstrual Mondays (1).png

Did you know that today is the first New Moon in the Astrological New Year?
Nope, neither did I until I read Jennifer Racoppi's thoughts on this New Moon......

So what is the Astrological New Year?
Well to put it into simple terms - Aries is the first Zodiac Sign on the astrology "calendar".
As the sun travels through the sky, he moves through all the zodiac signs during the course of a year, and he moves into the house of Aries on March 21st, and out again on April 19th. 

I know what you're thinking.......What has the moon got to do with my menstrual cycle???

Quite a lot actually.

1. The moon governs bodies of water - and we are bodies of water.
2. Anything that's going on in nature, is going on within us - As above, so below.

So what does that really mean?!

Well basically, you know how the moon goes through phases?
It starts with being dark and not visible - as in a New Moon - and then the moon "grows" in the sky, getting bigger, and bigger, until it becomes a Full Moon - then it begins to "die" getting smaller, and smaller, until its a New Moon again!
And the whole process stars fresh.

Weeeeeell, a woman's menstrual cycle directly relates to the moon - as in - we go through the same phases.......

We start with bleeding (New Moon).
We then stop bleeding, and start to grow an egg, the egg gets bigger and more ripe as we move towards ovulation (Full Moon).
After we've ovulated, the egg dies, and our bodies start to move us back towards our bleeding phase again (New Moon).

Little side note: Not all women bleed on the New Moon, and ovulate on the Full Moon.  I think this is partly because of the lifestyles we live, we're exposed to a lot of light, from screens, home lighting, street lights etc and this can mess up our cycles (not to mention all the other things that can affect a woman's cycle).  I also think, sometimes there's a greater logic at play, and if you pay attention, often your cycle shifts - sometimes moving you closer to bleeding on a New Moon, and sometimes leading you closer to bleeding on a Full Moon - but that's a discussion for another blog. 

My point is.  Don't panic if you don't have your period on the New Moon!
Personally, at the moment, I bleed on a Full Moon.  I'm not actively trying to change that, I'm just noticing.

So what's the difference between a New moon and a Full moon?

  • A New Moon is a time of BEING. A time of new beginnings, a time to acknowledge what you've learned, a time to set your intentions or goals, it's a time to connect to the wisdom within yourself and decide how you want to move forward.  It's a great time to listen to the vision inside your heart and womb.  So, you know how I said before that New Moons are a time of being, they're also the time of moving into initiation, its like you put the key in the ignition and start the engine, you feel the dream, you sense it moving your spirit - and you start to move out of being energy, you rev the engine a little.  After the New Moon,  you begin to move out of being and into doing. 
  • A Full Moon is usually a time of DOING.  A time of being active, and moving through the world in a way that supports your intentions, needs, and desires - since the New Moon, you will probably have been quite active in following your dreams, or changing things in your life so you feel better.  Its a time of celebration and receiving, connection and fertility - acknowledging all you've done since the New Moon.  It's a time when the moon is shining bright, it lights you up, nourishes you.  It's a time for you to fully embody yourself and appreciate all that you've been working towards.  It's a time to honour and love yourself, and really be grateful.  Full Moons are a time of moving out of doing energy, and into being energy.  It's kind of like you have a party for yourself, and then you begin to wind down into rest.

Wondering what you can do this New Moon...........?

Well - let's go back to the beginning and remember that this is the first New Moon in the Astrological New Year! 
That's like a whole new, New Year, with an extra serving of "yes the fuck you can!"

So, go grab your journal, and write some stuff down.

1. Think of this time as a Reset - You might want to consider looking back over your "New Years" - as in 1st of January 2018 - thoughts, ideas, visions, goals and intentions.........And just check in with yourself......Is this what you still want?  Why do you want it? Have you been taking action on it? Is there anything stopping you?  What do you need to know / do - to move through that obstacle?  What lessons have you been learning this year?  How do you want to stand out from the crowd? 

2. Ask yourself if you're being true to you - is there anywhere the real you isn't showing up?

3. Notice what actions you're inspired to take that would support your vision, don't over think it - just jot a few things down.

4. TAKE ACTION - Set the wheels in motion.  Harness the power of the New Moon and move with her towards your wildest dreams. 

Also I recommend reading this - for a much more in-depth look at how this particular new moon is working for you.  And this is always a go-to for me, at anytime, for astral insights

Happy New Moon!
I hope you relish in the energy of darkness, warmth, and being comforted by the blanket of night, as you feel your dreams, needs and desires, moving you in the direction you most need to go.

Let me know how you go with that! 
You can comment in the section below, or connect with me on Social - we're friends right? Instagram, Facebook.....I don't do twitter or snapchat!

See you there
Much love xx

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Why I Hate Period Apps

Menstrual Mondays (1).png

Let me start by saying, I have several apps on my phone for tracking my cycle.  I first started doing this about 6 years ago - though I don't remember the name of the first app I used, I basically downloaded it so when my doctor asked me "when was the first day of your last cycle" I'd know the answer!  

I chose it because it was pink and had flowers on it.  It did everything I needed it to do. 

Also prior to my first baby I'd been on the pill for 11 years, so having a real period was quite a new experience for me - I had no idea when it would come, or where I was at, without that little packet of pills on my bedside table.

Anyway, the app I first had was basic to say the least - nothing like what's on the market now.

So why do I have a problem with what's on the market?

Period apps make it seem like you're tuning into your body - because you're tracking things like .....how much sleep you get, what mood you're in, if you have tender breasts, or cramps, or headaches, they'll ask you to track vaginal discharge, and constipation.......

But what you're actually doing is; going through a check-list. 

They can be a great jumping off point - but very quickly you'll outgrow your app, and start to notice that there just wasn't the right check-box for you to tick......

So what should you do?

I'm not suggesting you ditch your app, because personally I have 5 - and I know how helpful it can be to refer to them.....for example, if I want a ballpark date on when I might be going to start my period.

What I am suggesting is; you stop relying on your app to tell you when you're ovulating, or fertile / not fertile, or getting PMS or going to get your period - and start tuning into the signals your body's giving you.  Signals you're getting All. the. time.

Because let's be clear - there's no possible way for an app to know when you're fertile, when you'll get your period or when you'll experience PMS.  They can guess - but that's all they're doing.

There's so  much going on in your body ALLLLLLLLL the time, things are changing constantly, and the more you tune into those changes and subtlities, the more clear you'll become, the more you'll know exactly where you're at - not only in-terms of what day it is in your cycle, but you'll know how to support yourself better, and the more you'll start to trust your body.

What happens when you trust your body?

You know how to live.....

  • Your confidence goes through the roof
  • You're able to work smarter
  • You're healthier, now and in the future
  • You're a better mum
  • You're able to be more compassionate with yourself.
  • You're a better partner
  • You have more energy
  • You have less stress and anxiety
  • You'll know what decisions to make

Try this; Grab a notebook or a journal and next time you get your period, start counting the days, (day 1 is the first day of your period), and try taking note of all the ways your body is talking to you throughout your cycle, each day until your next period.  P.S. this is not a limited list!

.......Does your appetite shift?  How does your mood and energy change?  What does your body physically feel like on different days?  Do you crave different types of food on different days?  Is there a time when you notice your dreams become more vivid?  When does your sex-drive amp up, and cool off - do you have a sex-drive?  Are you more creative at different times of your cycle? Do you sleep better some nights compared to others?  Are there times when you feel anxiety or overwhelm more acutely than others? Does your skin break out?  Do your allergies get worse at different times?

Your body is the best period app ever created, and your moods are way more complex than a smiley face, or a crying cloud emoji.

But you're the only one who can log in..........You log in with your attention and curiosity.

I can't wait to hear what you notice!

Much love

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Do you rock your period - or do you think it's gross?

A little while ago, a friend was telling me a story......and it was a good one!

 Image by @naqvi_sarah

Image by @naqvi_sarah

Once upon a time, she got out of the shower, and without realising it, a drop of her menstrual blood landed on the floor.  Her husband, asked her if she'd cut herself shaving - "ummm no" she said - and it took her a moment to realise where the blood had come from.

The kids and the husband started to all wonder where had this blood come from?  It was a mystery, no-one could work it out -  and my friend wasn't fessing up. The kids even made a movie about it on their phones. Hilarious!

When she told me this story, she must have apologised at least 5 times for it being a gross story, and sharing too much information......Meanwhile, I'm on the edge of my seat with popcorn! Ummmm what do you mean gross?  You could never share too much information about your period with me!

But I get it - I've been there, many times before, cursing my period, feeling embarrassed, having a bleed-through, staining the sheets, marking the towels, leaving a drop of blood (or more) on the bathroom floor, having a freak-out moment because my period has arrived unexpectedly........I know the horror I've felt in the past.

And I see you - as you shift uncomfortably when I say the word period.  I see you when you dismiss the topic right off the bat and quickly change the subject, how you blush and lower your voice.  I see you when you call it something else, like "Aunt Flow, or Shark Week". 
It's ok.

I used to feel this way too.

I also know that it's actually not gross. 
It's the most natural thing your body does. 
All women have, will, or are, menstruating - bleeding.

So why do we try to hide it? Or feel shame in it?  I mean really HOW does that help us in any way?

Imagine how my sweet friend might have felt, if she'd made the bold move of saying - "Oooh, I must have gotten my period and not realised".  

P.S. Notice I didn't say "SORRY - I got my period".

Imagine if she'd rocked it!

Yup, you're right, the kids would have missed out on all the fun of making a detective doco - she still has the movie and has promised me a private viewing one day! I can't wait to see!


We're women and we bleed - lets own that.

You don't have to shout it from the roof tops - or announce it on Facebook.....but then, why wouldn't you?

Here's what I know - Not owning your period disconnects you from yourself, and it disconnects you from your source of power - it erodes your confidence, and your trust in yourself, you become less of the woman you were born to be.

So here are my questions to you ........
How do you treat yourself and look after yourself when you're bleeding? 
How do you talk about your period? 
How do you think about your period?
How do you tell other people that you've got your period?
How do you tell your partner you've got your period  (apologetic, embarrassed, guilty....?)
How do you talk about "getting your period" with your kids?  And remember - daughters aren't the only ones who need this information.

And then ask yourself - Why do I think this way / feel this way / act this way?

SO......Are you ready to rock your period?

10 things you can do when you've got your period


Most of the women I talk with, have kids, husbands, careers, goals, exercise routines, appointments, dogs.....Lives! So when it comes to the advice "Take a day off when you get your period", they're like, 
"Ah, yeah right"!

I get it, taking a day off is something many of us just can't do.

Though almost every woman I know who's read "The Red Tent" says "ohhhh I wish I had a red tent"!

IMG_4912 (1).jpg

So, what can you do to support yourself - short of setting up a red tent, or refusing to get out of bed - to give yourself the rest and care you need?

I love to ritualise this time of the month - doing things at a slightly different pace, or in a slightly different way, feels like special treatment to me, and I'm all about special treatment on my period. 

So when I talk about ritual, there are a few things I make sure to do each month, that just allow me to sink into the different energy of my period.  But honestly, everyone will probably want to do this differently - and what works for me, will be different to what works for you. 

The important thing to remember is......tune into you, ask yourself; "What do I most need today?"  

The key here is to find a way to honour your desires and needs - do the best you can - and absolutely no self-judgements here - you'll have some months where life just happens, and you can only do the bare minimum, and other months where you'll love yourself up!  The more you priorities your needs and desires during your period - the more it will become second nature.

Self care during this part of your cycle is really valuable, it's similar to getting a goodnights sleep - or only getting a couple of hours.  The quality of your self-care during this time sets the tone for your month ahead.

Really these are just some ideas to help you if you're feeling stuck, or wondering what you might be able to do to support yourself and your cycle.

Menstrual Magic: When you listen to the wisdom of your cycle - your cycle will look after you......What's your cycle calling you towards?

Here are a few things I love to do, I'm not amazing at doing all of them all the time, it's a practice - but I always make sure I treat myself with tender loving care around this time with a few of these babies........ 

  1. Get to bed early
    If you know when your period's coming, go to bed early in the lead up to your bleed, take an early night the day of the first day of your period - or all the days of your period.....this is the most simple thing - but trust me - it's NOT EASY! Getting myself to bed early is like pushing water uphill, I always find a million things to do, Facebook and Instagram are like jungles I get lost in......Maybe I should social media ban myself or curfew myself at this time of the month.....?

  2. Change your sheets
    It's so much nicer and more inviting to jump into fresh sheets.

  3. Meal prep
    - Cook up some meals for the freezer - or a big stew that will last a few days
    - Make sure there are left overs in the fridge so you don't have to cook.
    - Order in - and enjoy it.
    - Get your husband / partner / kids / mother, to take over cooking duties

  4. Maybe don't run a marathon today
    This isn't the day or days you want to push your limits in exercise - think gentle stretching, yin yoga, a nature walk, dancing in the way your body wants to move......Slow down.  This is the YIN phase of your cycle, the feminine, being vs. doing phase, think "the art of non-doing" - we're not meant to go 100% all the time!  Taking a least a day off your regular routine, allows your body to rest and regenerate - and gives you space to be with yourself in a different way, you might discover things about yourself you never would have noticed, if you hadn't taken the time to slow down.

  5. Journal
    Write a few notes to yourself......not sure what to write?  You can try free writing, or maybe answering some questions, for example;
    What do I want less of in my life? 
    What do I need to know about (name your situation / relationship / issue)? 
    What needs to change? 
    What do I need?
    Why do I feel this way?

  6. Tidy up
    To be honest, this is usually a natural part of my premenstrual phase, I really start to feel the urge to purge, to clean and tidy - it's like I'm having a baby all over again! Things I don't usually notice (like dirty windows) become something I can't stand to look at, and absolutely HAVE to clean!  SO, before you start your bleed, take some time, or hire a cleaner, and tidy things up.  I'm talking a nice clean bathroom, tidy cupboards,  get your laundry up to date, fridge cleaned out - think of it like a spring clean - or nesting, so you can rest into your space.  

  7. Allow
    This is something we're not great at - Allowing ourselves to have what we want (tell me where I'm wrong?).  So consider this your permission slip - while your on your period.......You want chocolate - have it.  You want a day off running - take it.  You want to reschedule a meeting - do it. You want to watch a bunch of netflix - go for it.  When you allow yourself to want what you want - and then follow through by giving it to yourself (and the key here is; don't feel guilty about it), you are a happier you, your batteries recharge and you have more energy. 

  8. Schedule something lovely for yourself
    This is something I really, really, really, love to do - I love to look at my planner and get this stuff in, it feels like such a treat and a luxury..........Maybe you schedule in a massage, some yoga nidra, a reflexology appointment, some acupuncture, or a reiki session.....honestly the list is endless - and it depends on your definition of lovely, but doing something a little out of the ordinary, a little treat for yourself, shows you, you care about you.  And the more you care about you - the more you flourish.

  9. Buy yourself something lovely
    It might be some flowers, a box of tea, something you've your eye on for a little while, a book,  a candle, some nail polish......what would feel a little bit special to you?  Or a lot special?

  10. The beauty way
    This ones' pretty easy - and costs nothing - The Beauty way is about creating beauty in your life - and to do this you don't have to buy something or pay someone, you get to be creative.........Maybe you find some flowers to cut and arrange from your garden (or if you're like me, you stop on the side of the road to pick some Queen Anne's Lace!) Or take a few moments to paint your nails (I always like a bright red - to remind me of the sacred space I'm in), it could be a bath, or foot soak in some epsom salts and essential oils, maybe you light the candles you already have, or start reading the book that's been sitting on your bedside table waiting for you......What would feel like it brings more beauty into your life?

Over to you.....

What are you going to do next time you get your period?
What would feel lovely?
What would feel like a treat?
What would make you feel cared for?
What do you need?

I can't wait to hear how you support yourself through your next cycle - or if you have something special you're already doing and want to share it with me, or other women who read this blog, I'd love to hear from you......Drop your thoughts in the box below.

Here's to well women everywhere.
Much love

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There's a better way to live.

You might feel shy about sharing space with other women like this, like maybe it's a bit weird or hippy or unnecessary.  It's not. 

Smart, modern women know, that connection with other women is what makes us stronger, more radiant, more successful, happier and much, much, much better women.

There are only a few spots left - if one of them is yours - click through to the link, where you can sign up or enquire about anything you desperatly need to know! 


DATES 2018

This program is a year-long commitment with 12 retreat days. 

February 15th. 
March 2nd.  April 3rd + 30th. May 30th. 
June 28th.  July 27th.  August 27th. 
September 25th. October 25th. November 23rd.
December 8th.

Dates are based on the Fullmoon - when the Fullmoon falls on a weekend, or public holiday, I've created a retreat day within 3 days either side of the Fullmoon, (with the exception of December 8th).  

NB: The first and final retreat days are based around the Newmoon dates.



Each retreat day will run from 10am -2pm


Twelve monthly payments of $79.00

Wanna know more?

See you there!


Welcome Woman, into 2018.


How have you welcomed in the new year? 
 I notice there are so many ways to live, so many ways to celebrate, and so many ways to move into a new year - and theres a lot of pressure or noise about how to SLAY this year......

Some of us set goals, some vision board, others vibration board, some people pray rain, while others of us look to astrology, buy planners, talk to god, or plan the year out in quarters.  

Personally I dabble in a bit of everything.

And as a life coach - I'm always swimming in a sea of self-help gurus, 6 weeks-to-six-figures, and old ideas turned new - personally I can feel overwhelmed by all the possibility, and people promising to make my life better in some way. 

I really don't want to overwhelm you.

So, I'm simply going to tell you a few things that I'll be doing this year, and if you feel inspired to join me, that'll be really exciting!

One-to-One Coaching

A lot of people ask me;
"Can I refer my friend to you - are you taking more clients?"
"Do you work with women who aren't pregnant"  

The answer to all of those questions is YES.
I'm Currently accepting new clients - I only work with 6 women at a time, and places go fast - but if, you, or someone you know is interested - here's the link to check out private coaching with me.


Twelve Moons - Join me for a year of living in sync, with yourself, your cycle the seasons and the moon.

As you probably know - there are actually 13 full moons in a year - we'll only be meeting for 12 of them. 
This is a special kind of programme, created to be lived over the course of a year, through all the seasons, and (almost all) the moons.  We'll meet in circle, approximately once a month on the day of the fullmoon - each moon will bring it's own essence, and each retreat day will be guided by different feminine principles......there are only 6 spots and the first retreat day is THURSDAY FEBRUARY 15th Register now if you're interested.......PLUS you'll have the added bonus of being able to work with me in a 1:1 session each month - as part of the programme!  This is a pretty unique opportunity!  


Heart of Birth
One-to-One Coaching for Pregnant Women

This is my oldest running coaching programme, it's been put through it's paces in all kinds of ways - and the results are always gorgeous.  This isn't about having the perfect birth, or even having a natural vaginal birth, this is about supporting women as they move through pregnancy and into motherhood - giving them tools they may not otherwise come across.  It's the chance for women to really check in with themselves, be with themselves, heal past birth experiences, and re-birth themselves as mothers - whether its for the first time or the fifth time.  


Webinars, Facebook Live, Speaking, and other Events

If you're keen to get some free information - I'll be hosting regular webinars + Facebook lives, so you can get the most out of our time together, I'll also be doing some speaking events - specifically for pregnant women (dates to be confirmed). 
And watch this space for the opportunity to work with me in Blessingways - Blessing the way for pregnant women and their transition into motherhood, and girls also blessing the way for girls who are moving into womanhood and starting menstruation.



So there you have it - the basics of my life and work, as we move ourselves into this new time and space of 2018.
I'd love it if our paths crossed, and I look forward to seeing you dream, create, connect, and shine as a bright woman - inspiring us all to step into the power and wisdom of ourselves.

I wish you many blessings, plenty of joy, and heart open to receiving all the richness and beauty you deserve.
All my love


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Period Guilt - Do you get it?


About every 28 days I get my period.

Now I've been married for coming up 13 years, and up until this year, I would approach my period like this.......

"Hey Babe, I just wanted to let you know, I'm sorry, but I've got my period"

As I would say this, I'd feel dread, guilt, and a little bit nervous and ashamed.
Not because my husband has ever reacted badly - in fact the opposite - the first time I got my period while we were together, he bought over a hotwater bottle and some chocolate!  He's amazing.

But for some reason I would always feel like I'd let him down - let the team down in some way. (This isn't his fault)!
I'd feel like he might be upset with me in someway.

AND at the same time, I'd secretly be doing a little happy dance inside, because I'd know that those days are sacred to me - MINE.  
Aka - No sex.

I feel it's important to write this little "Aka" - because, in private conversations, I hear a lot of women say  something along these lines; having their period is a break from sex, and they look forward to that. 

Its important to note..... it's not that I, or they, don't love their husbands, or enjoy sex, its that - and I can only speak for myself - there's a kind of inner knowing that this is time for me to just be with myself, to read, to journal, to sleep, to watch emotional or funny movies - essentially to rejuvenate.  

Do you ever get that feeling - like you just want to run away from the world, and sleep all day? 

This is my - and your - permission slip, you don't need to feel guilty about enjoying a few days to yourself - your body is leading the way, in the way all female bodies do - what would happen if we followed that intuition and desire?

Anyway, this year I've been charting my fertility cycles pretty closely, and I noticed that one day,  without intending to do anything different - I said with deep satisfaction, pride and happiness "Hey Babe, I just got my period"! 

And he said "oh ok, Awesome".

 It was a tiny, but life changing, moment.

Now I know not everyone feels guilt or shame or any kind of negative feeling when they let their partner know they've got their period - and with all sincerity, that's amazing for you - but I've talked to enough women to know this is a thing, a thing not many of us are talking about, or even really conscious of............


I guess a number of years ago, my response would have been a couple of things like this............

  1. Periods are gross and a pain to deal with - 
  2. I become a pain to deal with, I'm not as fun - I'm grumpy and emotional, and over sensitive -not myself
  3. I'm making my partner miss out on intimacy
  4. I'm ruining things

In the last few years I haven't consciously thought this way - but that way of thinking was such a habit, I didn't even know it was there, that the remnants of those thoughts were still there.

What about you - are those thoughts you have or have had?

So, I'm just going to leave you with this thought.....

How different would you feel, how different you would be -  if, when you got your period (even on a romantic weekend away), you celebrated your period, celebrated yourself, and celebrated your body......and if  that seems weird or uncomfortable - to celebrate - then let me ask you this....why wouldn't you celebrate?

Just something to think about.....

Much love

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Seriously - how the F do women's hormones work?


I just need to know - does anyone out there understand the diagrams or graphs related to womens cycles, the graphs that show when FSH / Estrogen / Progesteron and LH, is being produced - or when ovulation or menstruation happens?

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

Like this graph... does it make any logical or practical sense to you?

Does anyone really know what a luteal phase is?  Or what that even means in the grand scheme of things?

I'm a nurse (and I know I really shouldn't say this, but it's true...)  we sat down (it was 2003) and spent a solid day looking at all that stuff - and I've gotta tell you - I definitely didn't get it.  I know I shouldn't say that, but honestly, it made zero sense to me.  I felt like I was reading a map in Chinese.

And I'm guessing if it made zero sense to me - it's the same for other women out there?

It's only since we decided that my husband wouldn't get the snip, that it became REALLY important for me to understand WHAT ON  EARTH IS GOING ON IN MY BODY?! Because in a nutshell - me understanding my fertility, is our contraceptive plan. I KNOW.

So despite the fact that I've always been fascinated by my cycle - it's taken me until my 30's to really start to understand it.......Annnnd I thought I'd just share a few basics with you - incase you're confused by the graphs too.

Here's a basic breakdown......

  • A cycle "begins" at day 1 of your period - and lasts until you start bleeding again. 
  • The day you start bleeding again is the next cycle.

So if you count from the day you start bleeding - until the day before your next bleed - thats the total length of your cycle.

Day 1 of your cycle - is the first day of your period, and when you get your period, the Follicular Phase starts.  
When you're in the Follicular phase - you'll be having your period for some of the days, (depending on how long your bleed is - usually 2 -10days), - and then you'll stop bleeding, but still be in the Follicular Phase.  This phase lasts until you Ovulate. (We'll get to that in a minute.)

During the Follicular Phase - there are 3 main hormones: Follicle Stimulating Hormone + Estrogen + Luteinizing HormoneThe Follicular Phase generally last about 14 days - but can be slightly shorter, or much, much longer - even up to 30 days!

  • Follicule Stimulating Hormone (FSH) peaks, and then drops away, just before ovulation - It's role is to help the eggs in the ovaries mature. (Each cycle  15-20 eggs will begin a race, to be the most mature egg and be released at ovulation).
    The eggs are each encased in their own follicle.
  • Estrogen / Oestrogen (same thing different spelling), is produced by the follicles that surround the eggs.
    Estrogen levels increase, throughout the Follicular phase, until the body reaches a threshold for the estrogen. 
  • Luteinizing Hormone gets released when it's trigged by the high levels of Estrogen - right around the time your body reaches it's Estrogen threshold


Once Luteinzing Hormone surges, (because of the high levels of Estrogen), an egg is released from the ovary by the most dominate follicle.  This is OVULATION!  
(If you're wondering what happens to the other 19 or so eggs that were in the race.....they disintegrate).

Ovulation is when the egg is released out of the follicle that it was incased in - and out of the Ovary that all the eggs are in.....After ovulation........The egg gets picked up by the fallopian tube and moves down the tubes towards the Uterus.

Which day you Ovulate on (day 12, day 14, or day 30 etc) depends on YOU, it can vary from woman to woman - and can vary for each woman individually, depending on so many factors.....what's going on in your life, your environment, your thinking, your stress levels, your relationships, your phase of life, the moon, the world, etc.......all of that can play a part in how long the Follicular Phase (day 1 of your Period - until Ovulation), lasts - amazing ah?!  Usually women have a general, "normal for them", time frame for the follicular phase.

OK almost home!

The Luteal Phase  (Ovulation, until the day before the first day of your Period), 1 main hormone - Progesterone....
.....(and Estrogen hangs around too - but to a lesser degree than in the Follicular Phase where it has a massive peak.
In the Luteal Phase Estrogen is a bit more stable.  The dominant hormone should be Progesterone 

  • When the egg has been released from the Ovary, (and the Follicle) - the Follicle then collapses, stays in the ovary wall, and becomes the Corpus Luteum.
  • The Luteal Phase is usually between 10 - 16 days and can not last longer than that (I've read), because the Corpus Luteum has a limited life span - so this phase of your cycle is usually very predictable (within a day or two for most women).

The Corpus Luteum has a VERY IMPORTANT job - it releases Progesterone.  

Progesterone is lovely because it.......

  • Prevents the release of other eggs for the rest of the cycle
  • Causes the lining of the uterus to thicken - incase you're egg has met a sperm and needs to burrow in and be looked after before the placenta starts to form.
  • Causes your temperature to change (temp goes up - think incubator, incase the little egg has met a little sperm and you've made a baby).  Also causes the position of your cervix to change and your cervical fluid to change, (if you know how to watch these 3 things - then you'll know if you're in a fertile phase or not!)
  • Relaxes the central nervous system, and binds to the  same receptors in the brain as valium!  Progesterone has calming, soothing, and relaxing effects (according to Dr. Christian Northrup in her book Womens bodies Womens Wisdom).  And according to Dr. Libby Weaver, its an antidepressant, antianxiety agent, and a diuretic (makes you wee more).

NB Synthetic hormones aren't the same as the ones your body naturally produces - so don't rush out to start the progesterone only contraceptive pill!  Synthetic Progesterones have known side effects.....nausea, bloating, problems urinating, rash, hives, vaginal bleeding, sweating, headaches.....and so much more!  AND I didn't pick out any of the "rare" side effects listed!!

So what's next?

When the Corpus Luteum disintegrates - Progesterone drops off dramatically, as does Estrogen.......and you get your PERIOD!  Back to day 1!

All of these hormones are present throughout your cycle - at varying levels - and what I've described is a VERY basic overview - but hopefully it might help you understand a little more about your cycle, your hormones and all that's going on inside your body, on any given day.  It's total Magic!

Don't hesitate to comment, or message me privately if theres something you want to share, or ask - I'd love to hear from you.

See Disclaimer


Are you committed?


"As soon as you TRULY commit to making something happen - the HOW will reveal itself."
- Anthony Robbins

I really resonate with this. I pinned it on my Pinterest board tonight.

BUT, the truth is......

You can't MAKE anything happen; when we stop trying to MAKE shit happen, when we stop trying so hard to avoid feeling the pain, or stress, of whatever situation we're in - and ask for help - thats when life gets magic.

It's not about commitment to MAKING something happen - YOU can't do that.

It's about a commitment to connecting to your inner wisdom. Is that spiritual? Yes it bloody well is, and I'm pretty sick of avoiding it, or trying to dress things up so that they don't sound spiritual. 

If you want things to be different in your life in anyway - there's a whole universe inside of you, its like a thunderstorm on a summers afternoon, it's like gazing into your newborns eyes, it's the sound of snow falling and waves on the shore, the wind in the trees and rain in the morning.  

The whole universe is waiting for your call.

Commit to that, and the how will be revealed.  



A while ago a friend said to me "you can never be out of alignment with yourself".  At the time I thought she was right, it sounded so spiritual - and I was really paying attention because she was doing some really intense work with shamans, and I thought that was as good as it got......  

And turns out, she was right.

Whatever's happening for you, in this moment - good or bad - is exactly what's supposed to be happening for you, you're in perfect alignment - it really is impossible for anyone to get off course.


When things feel shit, when you feel bad - that's life's way of saying - "you're out of alignment, you're off course, you're out of balance, something needs to shift, you need something, move, try something different......."

So actually, even though you can't be out of alignment - you can. 

That time I was 12 weeks pregnant in France

15weeks 2.jpg

I had my first baby in France.  It was horrific.  It was also wonderful and more divine than I could have ever imagined, and I'll share about that another day - but this story is about the hard stuff. 

During my first ultrasound - which was done in my OBGYN's office. He told me, in french - which I didn't speak so well at the time  - to take off all my clothes.  So I did.  Then he got me to lie on a cold bed - without a sheet or a drape, or a gown to cover me - and I understood -through hand gestures - that I was to have a breast exam.  Then he palpated my stomach to feel for the pregnancy.  And THEN, I had vaginal exam - with unwarmed lube, and finally an ultrasound.  All while I was lying on the bed naked. And that was just the 12 week scan.

Seriously.  WTF?

There's nothing like hind-sight.  

Why didn't I say something? Because at the time, it was so unexpected, so different to what I was used as a medical professional - my mind went a little bit blank.  It seemed like what I wanted didn't matter, I was in France now, and this is how things were done, so I better just go with it.

I didn't know what to say or how to say it - not just because it was in french, but because I just didn't know what to do.

When I re-read what I've written it sounds so abusive.  So violent.  I wonder if it really happened.  
It did. 

So, a few months down the track, when my baby turned out to be a girl, I realised I needed to become the woman I'd always dreamed of being, I didn't want her to grow up and feel the way I felt.  But I didn't know how to become that woman, because I'd spent a fair portion of my life, doing what I was told - when I was told.  Finish the food on your plate, cross your legs, fold your arms and sit up straight, don't wear that - it's not appropriate.  
Drunk girls are more fun, you want to be more fun don't you?  You want to get a good job don't you? You want people to like you don't you?

So when it was time in my life, to speak up, and put real living sound into the voice inside me - that was simultaneously whispering and screaming - I found I didn't have one. 

I'd lost confidence in myself.  I doubted myself.

This is the shittiest of shit feelings.  
Because even though I hated that man and that situation.  I hated myself more, for not being able to say something or do something.  What was wrong with me?

There was, and is, nothing wrong with me - and if you're in this situation there's nothing wrong with you either.

Personally, I recognised I just had to be put into an incredibly uncomfortable situation, to realise something needed to change.  To wake me up.  But to be honest with you - even though I felt pretty horrible, nothing changed for a really long time.  

Because I didn't know how change it.

Being a woman is hard, where not given a road map -  infact we're given the opposite of a roadmap, we're taught that what we want, what we need, what feels good to us - doesn't matter.

My husband never would have been treated that way - and also - he would have known exactly what to say if the doctor was doing something that wasn't ok with him.  He's awesome like that.

As grown women we have to learn this, and figure this out for ourselves, because sure as hell, no-one is teaching it to us.

Changing this, is my mission.  For myself, for my daughters and for all women.






When things are going a bit shit.


Last night I was driving with a girlfriend to a party.  On a school night.  I was pretty stoked to be getting out of the house at 7pm, with heels, make-up + a clutch, (this is a photo of me the next day - sporting a cute tee from the gig) I was feeling good.....and then on the car ride into town, we got chatting, and my friend asked me - hows the new website going?

God, I just had this sickening feeling.

Its going a bit shit.

I started it, and I haven't done anything with it.  I've got 20 half finished blogs and nothing published. WTF?  I've got a million brilliant ideas, and they're all in my head.  

And let me tell you - it gets worse because her blog is amazing - so I was having a little moment of "compare and despair".  

So here's where everyone in the world gets stuck.

We look around and don't do the things we want to do, not because there's no time, not because we're too busy, or we're not capable, or smart enough, or talented enough - but because we don't value that feminine, creative spark within ourselves.  Instead we do the dishes, make lunches, make beds, do the washing, take kids to school, talk with friends, email, facebook, instagram, shop, watch tv, feel bad that it's not done, compare ourselves to others, procrastinate...........at least that's what can happen to me.

Here's the stupid thing.  You just have to start.  

And to start that means you've gotta stop f-ing around on Face Book, or listening to the podcast that tells you how to do it, or reading the tutorial, or any other thing that isn't actually doing it.

You can't just write it on the to-do list every day, or create a perfect planner that plans to do it.

Because that's not doing it - thats just pretend doing it.

So even though this far from my ideal post- and may not be of any use to you at all - its me taking the time to value what's important to me - which really is writing - as odd as that seems to me.

What about you? what are you thinking about, dreaming about, wishing you could do?
What wild, or not so wild idea, wont leave you alone?

Is it a dance class? A weekend away with your hubby or a girlfriend?  Is it revamping your diet or implementing a composting system in your family home? 

What is it you keep putting off - wishing you had time for - trying to make perfect or be perfect for?

If you could take one step towards that thing - what would that one step be?
And not a pretend, write it in your diary and tell yourself you'll do it tomorrow, step - but an actual, physical, real life, step?

I'd love to hear from you in the comments - I'll be your accountability coach.  Write it here and I'll ask you later if you've done it.

Lets get some shit done that makes us feel good.

I wish I could use emoji on blog.  Lets face it, there probably is some way to do that - but I just haven't discovered it yet.


Ladies Welcome


Hey Gorgeous.
I've been dreaming about writing this particular blog for a long time now.
It's not that I haven't written blogs before, but this one is different.

I've written it so often in my mind, when I'm out jogging, lying in bed at night, or standing in the shower.  Written it, but never actually written it.

So, finally this is the place I've decided to share things I've been wanting to discuss for a long time now. The things I'm passionate about, the things that matter to women.


  • How come, sometimes, confidence is just not there + and how do you get it back + what is confidence really?
  • And why is birth painful?
  • I want to tell you about the day I proudly (and seriously) wanted to change my FB status to "I HAVE THE STRONGEST VAGINA IN THE WORLD" - but felt to ashamed to follow through with it.
  • And lets talk about what it's like to run, and feel like you maybe putting yourself at risk of some kind of prolapse....terrifying, but I still really want to run!
  • How to nurture yourself - and why you don't actually do it?
  • And birth control - seriously an issue - most people I talk to.
  • Lets talk about Chinese medicine, ahhhhh
  • oooh and cycles, periods, menstruation. My goodness there's a book right there.

There are so many aspects to being a woman and not all of them get discussed at book club  or dinner or coffee group.  

This blog is my attempt at opening these discussions, making them part of the everyday conversation, and connecting women to the wisdom of their hearts and bodies. 

We're all at different stages of our journey, and what's important to a teenage woman is probably not top of mind for women who are in knee deep in nappies.  But you know what.  I remember being a teenage women - and it was MOFO hard.  And it is MOFO hard being a wife and a mama and a woman.  

We all need each other.

So I'm not sure how this will evolve over time, I look forward to watching it all unfold.