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About Kate......

I'm in my 30's, I adore my cycle, I love getting my period, and even though it's not always pleasant I'm so grateful for the energetic and physical changes I go through each month, even the premenstrual days I think "F-my life!" - but it wasn't always like this.....

I began menstruating when I was 11, and by 14 years old - I was medicating it.  I honestly thought being on the pill meant that, NOW, I was really a woman. What I didn't know was; those little pills were the absolute opposite of what it means to be a woman.

These days, I teach women how to track their cycles and how to track themselves - so they can uncover their true power.

I first started questioning the pill after I had my first baby, the doctor assumed I would start taking the "mini-pill" - and so did I, I took the prescription home, and then thought - hmmmm will this affect my milk or my baby?

My husband and I have decided to use natural fertility as our contraception - a decision we don't take lightly.  Needless to say, the nurse geek in me had to learn all the in's and out's of how it really works  - So I'm now training to become a teacher of fertility awareness.


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I have 3 kids, I live in the Bay of Plenty, and I'm married to Richy.
We used to live in France before we moved here - and though France offers lots of treats - I prefer it here.

My life is full, and certainly far from perfect - but the more I do this work, the more I fall into sync with myself.  This is a practice, a process, a spiritual path, and something I don't think I'll ever be done with.

I used to be embarrassed to talk about periods, and vaginas and vulvas and - dare I say it - coitus!
But now, well now vagina is the norm - sometimes confused for Pagina by my 3 year old.

Moon cups are everyday life.  Menstrual charts are on the fridge.  My phone currently has about 6 different menstrual tracking apps (research),  and there's almost always a book open on the kitchen table,with a picture of a uterus, a cervix or an ovulation.

I'm not embarrassed or ashamed to talk about how babies are made - in fact I'm the friend that will casually bring up discussions about cervical mucus, menstrual blood, or how to use a mooncup, at book club, the dinner table, or at school pick-up.

NB: if you want to buy a mooncup come over here...or period undies?

AND - I used to say with guilt in my voice "sorry babe, I've got my period".  Now I smile and declare "I've got my Period".

I love working with women who are ready to stop feeling like they're running a marathon from dawn to dusk everyday - but who don't want to drop any balls!

I love to teach women how to work with their menstrual cycle - to achieve their goals, to live beautifully and honestly, and bring themselves more fully into alignment with their hearts and wombs.