Hey, I’m Kate……

You can find my professional bio at the bottom of the page….Otherwise here’s a little window into my life.

What do I do for fun?
I’m learning to dance. I love to swim in the sea or rivers, and I must be old -because gardening has become fun!

What are my goals?
To build our own eco home
To speak Te Reo Maori
To start a podcast

What am I not telling the truth about?
I’m quick to anger - especially with my kids - I’m always getting better, but this is something I’m constantly working on.

What makes me sad, angry or ashamed?
It makes me sad when I see women going around in circles, having the same struggles all the time, and not getting anywhere with the things that are important to them.

What do I want to change?
My strength, flexibility, agility and fitness level. Basically I want to be able to do handstands and monkey bars!

What kind of women would I like to be?
…..The kind of woman who lives simply and beautifully.

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The Family…


I work with women.

…..And my favourite thing to do - is give woman the tools and support they need - so they can get what they want out of life.

We’ve all read the books,
Seen the Ted talks,
Watched the webinars,
Joined the Facebook groups,
Been to the retreats, seminars, workshops, festivals, and events,
Bought the e-books,
Downloaded the PDF’s…….

……So why are things still not the way you want them?

Essentially I help women . . . .

  • Break their bad habits + create healthy new ones, with their kids, husbands, health, and work

  • Get out of overwhelm, stress, anxiety and guilt.

  • Move towards their goals, visions and dreams.

  • Live really well.

It might not seem like much - but once you get started - you’ll never be the same again.

When I’m not working. . . . .

I love running + stretching. I listen to podcasts and books like they’re going out of fashion.
I adore my bookclub - which really should be called wine and dessert club - an eclectic group of women who I look forward to seeing every month. I’m big on our family moving towards zero waste - and I talk about women’s cycle’s, A LOT. Because we’re not men.

I’m pretty much always playing with ideas in my head, ideas that relate to what women need to make their lives feel more peaceful, on purpose, or beautiful.

Professional Bio

Kate Apanui is a Women’s Lifestyle Coach, Registered Nurse, Master Equus coach™, and writer, based in New Zealand. She gained her coaching certification with Dr Martha Beck, and her Equus Coaching™ certification with Koelle Simpson. Currently Kate is training as a Natural Fertility Educator with The World Organisation Ovulation Method Billings (WOOMB). She also has 3 gorgeous kids, and is married to Richy.

Kate has a passion for women’s health and wellness. She teaches women how to live well, and create what they want in life - sharing her knowledge of the menstrual cycle and hormonal health, discussing women’s leadership, and talking about anxiety, stress and overwhelm. She gives women the tools they need to create healthy habits, stop going around in circles, lead themselves, their families, and their teams really well - basically she helps them build lives they love. She’ll have you betting on yourself. Communicating with ease. Achieving your goals. Feeling confident, and being that woman you’ve always wanted to be.