About Kate

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The basics: I'm a mama, with 3 kids.  I'm married to Richy.  Thats us, squeezed into a selfie.
I'm a Certified Martha Beck Coach, a Registered Nurse, and a Certified Equus Coach™and Master Facilitator of that work.  I have a passion for women's wholeness, women's health, and women's confidence.

I also have a passion for horses - you can find out more about that here

I work with women around the world and right here in Tauranga, NZ. I work via phone, skype, facetime etc + I work face to face sometimes.  

The nitty-gritty:
I started this site, because I wanted a space that was devoted to all the things I hold sacred -  the things that've supported me on my path so far.  

Here I talk about.......

Pregnancy, relationships, birth, the feminine and masculine, wombs, fertility, creativity, motherhood, the moon, hormones, relationships, the heart, desire, finding your rhythm, and lets not forget; periods, cycles, sex, sensuality, pelvic floor health............

I know it makes some people uncomfortable, to talk about the more intimate details of what it means to be a woman - but half the world is female.  And as women we all touch on all of these subjects at some point in our lives.

So I wanted to share these conversations, because sometimes, other women I talk with, look at me, and say; "You know I only ever talk about this stuff with you!"

So here I am talking about this stuff with you. And everything else in between. 

It's important - because as a woman our understanding of who we are is what shapes our lives, creates our relationships, and gives us confidence.

Through this site, I'll keep you updated with thoughts + insights, opportunities to connect + grow, and the latest I've learned in my own journey - to support you in yours. 

If you're hungry for these conversations, connections + collaborations then join the circle of women who already have their hands up - and I'll share everything I have with you. 

P.S. if you're looking for Equus Coaching™ you can find that here
at www.truenature.me Or send me an email - I'll be only to happy to hear from you.